Eating habits: Common concerns parents have about what their kids eat

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MILWAUKEE -- From eating too much to those who are picky about what they eat, Dr. Barbara Kolp-Jurss with Aurora Health Care joined the Studio A team to talk about the concerns parents have with their kids' eating habits.

Common concerns:

1. Kids that only want milk or certain foods
2. Kids that only want fast food
3. Kids that won`t eat meat
4. Kids that don`t eat anything so the parent gives them what they want so they`ll at least eat something
5. Little kids (1-2 year olds) that wake up at night to eat/drink a bottle


1. Set meal times and snack times.
2. Limit fast food to once a week
3. Make a well-balanced meal with a meat/protein, vegetable, fruit and starch.
4. Avoid food jags or augment them.
5. Don`t give substitutions if the meal is reasonable.
6. If they don`t want anything, say, 'I`m sorry. This is what we are all eating for supper. '
7. 6 oz juice per day; 2-3 glasses milk and then water
8. Crock pot is a working persons friend!!