Two teens charged, accused of stealing cars, money from Milwaukee dealerships

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MILWAUKEE — 17-year-old Terry Moorehead and 18-year-old Charles Rogers, both from Milwaukee, are charged with two counts of burglary as a party to a crime, each for their alleged role in the thefts of cars and money from two separate car dealerships in Milwaukee.

One of the criminal counts was filed because of an incident that happened at Integrity Auto Sales and Repair at 1st and Mineral just before 1 a.m. on October 24th. Police were called to the lot after the owner noticed a steel door allowing access to the business had been badly damaged. The owner indicated six vehicles and roughly $9,400 in cash was missing from the business.

The complaint indicates surveillance cameras at Integrity Auto Sales and Repair showed what happened when the suspects (six in all) were at the business. That video led police to identify Rogers. A citizen tip later led to Rogers’ arrest.

The second burglary count relates to an incident at Van Horn Latino Auto Sales near 76th and Calumet early on October 25th.

A security guard at the dealership noticed a service door was open around 1:30 a.m. The guard told police that “he went inside the business to see why the door was open, and observed a white Camaro and a blue Camaro crash through the glass showroom doors, then drive through a metal gate, then drive away from the lot.”

Charles Rogers, Terry Moorehead

Charles Rogers, Terry Moorehead

Two vehicles were reported missing from the Van Horn lot. Police recovered one of the vehicles — and found fingerprints that were tied to Moorehead in this case. The second vehicle was also recovered later that same day.

The criminal complaint indicates police found a Facebook profile for Moorehead. On his page, the complaint says “there was a video depicting several of the actors riding in a vehicle, holding money and car keys with dealer tags still attached.” Rogers was apparently “clearly seen in the video singing and holding up keys.”

A conviction on the burglary as a party to a crime can result in a sentence of up to 12-and-a-half years in prison and $25,000 in fines.


  • The Prodical Son

    That’s Mookie on the left! All of em are BUMS!…POKEY….was their inspiration….he was a bum too!….I wonder where Vernell Bobby Mallette was…doing some robberies of his own?

  • phd

    Is it? Is it really THAT shocking? Really? You have good kids coming from whole families not some broken home where the kid doesn’t even know his dad. This kids should know better, I expect more out of them. They should be demonstrating how to behave in a decent society. I mean, if they don’t know no better because of how they were brought up then it’s on whoever kept these geniuses alive for so long until they could rob and steal and live off of us.

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