Democratic lawmaker proposes offering free tampons in schools, state buildings

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MADISON — A Democratic legislator is proposing offering free tampons in schools and state buildings.

Rep. Melissa Sargent of Madison introduced a bill on Friday that calls for offering free tampons and sanitary napkins in publicly funded schools — including voucher schools — and state buildings.

She says she doesn’t know how much the bill would cost yet. But she says tampons and sanitary napkins are as much a basic necessity as soap and toilet paper. She says more and more women are working and going to school and they shouldn’t be caught off-guard.

The bill faces an uphill battle. Republicans control both the Assembly and Senate. Spokeswomen for both Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald didn’t immediately return an email message Monday afternoon seeking comment.


  • Opinion8d

    Oh the liberals……’caught off guard’??? Any girl/women is clearly aware of their body -remember -it’s ‘THEIRS’ to ‘CHOOSE’ with. I suggest they choose to carry change or their own supply. Offering free product will simply lead to theft and people taking supply for home use as well. Nobody can steal the soap, and nobody would want to steal the TP -especially basketball sized rolls.

  • hard working taxpayer

    Tampons/pads aren’t free at the store to take home, nor is food which is another basic necessity. Clean out your purse or buy a bigger one and bring your own. Don’t they realize that if they are free that some will take more to take with them? That budget will be depleted in its first two weeks. Come on, Melissa-find a more legitimate way to spend our money. I pay for my own.

  • buck

    this is what these idiots in madison are doing ,how about doing work, and why is this even a story? who is paying for this? another type of entitlement!


    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! She’s a nut! Have a vending machine in the bathroom to dispense them at the cost of whatever cents per tampon/pad. Whenever anything is just handed out for free, you can bet there’ll be plenty of open hands waiting. Or have the nurse’s station in the school have a surplus on hand to dole out to those “caught off guard”.

  • grunt

    All these comments demonstrate the war on womyn.
    Hillary was right.
    She doesn’t know how much the bill will cost, but why let those little details get in the way of progress.

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