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Mayor wants state to help pay for public market to spur development after Oscar Mayer announcement

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Oscar Mayer

MADISON — With Oscar Mayer leaving town, Madison’s mayor wants the state of Wisconsin to help pay for a public market to spur economic development.

Mayor Paul Soglin says he spoke with Gov. Scott Walker by phone Friday, November 6th. Soglin told a news conference Monday that he also asked the governor for assurances that the state would help the 1,000 employees who face layoffs find jobs that pay as much or more than their current jobs.

Oscar Mayer’s parent company, Kraft Heinz Food Co., announced last week it will shut down the Madison headquarters. The plant is slated to be closed by 2017.

The Wisconsin State Journal ( ) reports Soglin said he and Walker discussed setting up a meeting with Kraft Heinz.

Walker’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


  • Me i said it

    That’s what unemployment is for why should they get special treatment they’re getting more notice than anybody else does.

    • Fed-up

      No kidding. How many of the Mayors’ family and friends work there I wonder……. Now we (taxpayers) spend more money as usual in a liberal city, to help open another government string to “give” jobs away. Kraft should be paying for it.

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