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Protesters set American flag on fire, MPD officers ceremoniously fold it up

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MILWAUKEE -- Hundreds of people ventured in downtown Milwaukee Tuesday evening to protest causes of all kinds -- everything from minimum wage to immigration.

During their march from Milwaukee's City Hall, some protesters set an American flag on fire -- which was immediately extinguished by officers from the Milwaukee Police Department.

In the aftermath of that incident, Milwaukee police ceremoniously folded the damaged flag.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, speaking at a Veterans Day ceremony on Wednesday, said the person who set fire to the flag has been identified by authorities. Flynn indicated the flag which officers folded after the fact was placed on inventory as evidence in the event charges are filed in this case. The chief said the suspect "interestingly has a prior arrest for arson."

The following statements were issued in response to the burning of the flag:

Joint statement from Aldermen Bob Donovan, Mark A. Borkowski, Joe Davis, Sr., Michael J. Murphy, Terry L. Witkowski and Robert W. Puente

Last evening – on the eve of Veterans Day – Milwaukee Police Officers rescued our nation’s flag from a group of protesters who were desecrating it and preparing to burn it.

The officers rightfully picked up the flag from the ground and folded it, showing the appropriate level of respect our flag deserves. The outrageous actions of the protesters deserve an apt description, and the only word that comes to mind is “shameful.”

To us and to millions of Americans, the flag is our highest symbol of honor and freedom, and a sacred one that has been secured at great cost. Very simply, the flag represents the greatest nation ever formed on the face of this earth.

Although the protesters have every right to exercise their First Amendment rights in order to express their opinion (including burning the flag), we also have the right to use our First Amendment rights to clearly express our opinion about their actions.

We commend the officers, and God bless them for doing the right thing.

St. Senator Van Wanggaard (R)

“On the eve of Veteran’s Day and the 240th Anniversary of the Marine Corps, at a time when Milwaukee and Wisconsin should be celebrating our country for being at the epicenter of our democratic process, protestors chose to disrespect the very symbol of that democracy.

“It is reprehensible that any elected official would encourage this behavior by proudly posting pictures of the flag being trampled upon. The protestors and the elected officials that condone their actions should be ashamed of what they did.  While the protestors may have been within their rights to trample on and burn the flag, that does not excuse their actions. They showed their disdain for our country, our rule of law, and the brave men and women who have fought and died for their rights.

“I want to thank the Milwaukee police officers who intervened, and treated the flag with the respect and reverence it deserves. “


  • Opinion8d

    Very nice touch MPD!! It made me sick to see the pictures yesterday of people walking/standing on the Flag. Those people are pathetic!

  • Scott

    I think anybody, of any color, that burns an American flag on American soil should be immediately arrested, charged with treason and then deported!! If you have that much disrespect for our country’s flag than evidently you don’t belong in the United States!!! SHAME ON THEM!!!

  • Michael Santos

    Awesome job by the police officers at the scene. As to the person who desecrated that flag, he needs to be shot, plain and simple. The governor of that state should line him up and ask for volunteers while holding a fist full of pardons.

  • Jeff Munisteri

    FOX6… Is there a reason that You didn’t mention that Wisconsin state senator Lena Taylor was at the protest celebrating the flag desecration on the eve of Veterans Day ???

    • Wil Masterson

      Careful Jeff, you don’t want to get your post deleted like the other 32 posts that should be up here. I’ve got the emails to prove it. The reason you won’t hear about that vile woman protesting right along with the rest of the flag burners, is because they take the same stance as they did the last time she broke the law (Joined the protesters by sitting in the street and blocking traffic)…They spin it all into a nice little bow, making her look good. The only problem here is, no matter what they do, she still won’t look good.

      • Fox 6 News Editor

        Although our motto here at Fox 6 is “Because you matter” we delete comments that oppose our liberal agenda as determined by our owners (The Chicago Tribune) because in reality “You really don’t matter”

  • Neil DeWitt

    I’m sure some of us veterans could save the county of Milwaukee a lot of money if they leaked this persons address. No treat just a promise it wouldn’t happen again.

  • Bob

    What a pathetic bunch of spoiled uneducated worthless dregs. Guess we shouldn’t expect anything less from people who believe free-loading is a career.

    Good Job Officers!

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