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Gov. Scott Walker: ‘Wisconsin will not accept new Syrian refugees’

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MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin will not accept any new Syrian refugees in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris because they pose a threat.

Walker issued a statement Monday calling on President Barack Obama to not allow any Syrian refugees into the United States pending a full review of security and acceptance procedures. Walker does not say in his statement how Wisconsin would prevent any refugees from relocating in the state.

Walker and other governors are raising concerns about accepting Syrian refugees after a Syrian passport was found near one of the Paris terrorist attackers.

In a statement, Gov. Walker said the following:

In light of these horrific and tragic attacks, our first priority must be to protect our citizens.  Along with governors across the country, I have deep concerns about the Obama Administration’s plan to accept 10,000 or more Syrian refugees, especially given that one of the Paris attackers was reportedly a Syrian refugee.  In consultation with our Adjutant General, who also serves as my Homeland Security Advisor, it is clear that the influx of Syrian refugees poses a threat.

With this in mind, I am calling upon the President to immediately suspend the program pending a full review of its security and acceptance procedures.  The State of Wisconsin will not accept new Syrian refugees.

There may be those who will try to take advantage of the generosity of our country and the ability to move freely within our borders through this federal resettlement program, and we must ensure we are doing all we can to safeguard the security of Americans.

Furthermore, I am opposed to recently introduced legislation encouraging the state to accept Syrian refugees in Wisconsin.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says lawmakers were also preparing a letter to the Obama administration saying no Syrian refugees should be allowed in the state until security measures are improved.

In a statement, Vos said the following:

“Wisconsin citizens are our first priority and their safety must come first. With no guarantee that a refugee does not have an association with radical Islamic terrorists, we cannot take any chances. This is not the time to open our doors to Syrian refugees.

“Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the people of France.”

Assembly Republicans have drafted a letter to the Office of Refugee Resettlement in Washington, D.C.

CLICK HERE to read that letter.


  • Richard Kontny

    Walker did we do this after 911 to the Saudis when Bush Cheney were in charge (dirty dangerous crude oil and all)??
    Seems Bin Laden had Saudi ties (Halliburton might have went after Cheney’s golden parachute) Walker you are obviously very two faced.

  • idiots

    Well unfortunately Governor Walker doesn’t have the ability to just say no. It’s not his decision. He’s just pandering to the idiots who will believe whatever he says without research, same can be said of all the state governors who say this.
    If only we had a seasonally appropriate message about middle eastern people seeking refuge from the heartless….

    • Taz

      Actually Richard, it is you that may want to brush up on your law, specifically The Refugee Act. State governors have no authority in this. Decisions are determined at a federal level.

  • Mark

    I think there is a lot of fear mongering going on and many politicians are caving to that fear. Unfortunately Scott Walker is one of those politicians trying to score political points by talking tough but actually having no power. Disappointed with Robin Vos and the letter sent to the office of Refugee Resettlement. Years from now we will look back in shame to see how we freely contributed bombs and other weapons to blow that country up but were unwilling to help the innocent people trying to get free from all that craziness.

    • Susie

      I don’t think it’s fear-mongering at all. It is absolute reality. ISIS has stated clearly and repeatedly that they will infiltrate the West and take over our countries. Their goal is world domination and forcing everyone to worship Allah. They have chanted “Death to America” many times. What about these things don’t you believe? Why would anyone with a choice allow them here when they desire to destroy us?

      • Chris R

        Not one of the Paris attackers was a Syrian refugee. All were residents of France or Belgium and could travel to the US without a passport. So to specifically answer your question – Many of us don’t believe that Scooter’s pandering would do anything whatsoever to address the thing that actually happened. I know he’s not bright but to say you’re doing something to address something else even though it is completely unrelated seems clueless at best or disingenuous at worst

  • Bill Ward

    Proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Scott Walker is a heartless coward.

    Isn’t this reaction the very definition of “letting the terrorists win”?

    (Anybody wanna take a stab at what Jesus would say?)

  • NOKI D.

    If only us Native Americans could have banned people coming here and taking over our country by murder of a indigenous people. Our countries first immigrants scared of other immigrants, that’s funny!

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