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“Extremely disgusting:” Waukesha man accused of hiding a dark secret for nearly half his life

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WAUKESHA -- A shocking case of child pornography went undetected for years! Investigators say the 30-year-old man accused of downloading the images got away with it for almost half his life.

Police say 30-year-old Pablo Beyer was hiding a dark secret -- a secret the woman living directly below him was shocked to learn about.

"It`s extremely disgusting," Karita Smith said.

Beyer is charged with 10 felony counts of possession of child pornography.

Pablo Beyer

Pablo Beyer

An investigation was launched in October, when police say they traced child porn downloads to an IP address assigned to the computer in Beyer's apartment on Grand Avenue.

Investigators executed a search warrant on that apartment last Thursday, November 12th.

"Scared the crap out of me," Debra Bersailles, who lives nearby said.

Officials allegedly found a laptop and portable hard drive containing about 1,000 sexually explicit images of young girls.

"I have a 10-year-old niece. She`s over here a lot," Smith said.

Beyer allegedly told police he started trolling the internet for child porn 13 years ago! He told police he liked the pictures of the girls because of their face and feet.

"Wow. That`s really messed up," Phillip Bersailles said.

Police say Beyer later admitted he "did sometimes get turned on by the images," and allegedly indicated his brother, who was living with him, knew about his behavior, and tried to get him to stop.

"My heart is in my stomach," Smith said.

It doesn't appear Beyer's brother is facing any charges for his alleged involvement.

Beyer's brother was home on Tuesday, but didn't want to talk with FOX6.

The Waukesha County District Attorney also declined to comment.

Pablo Beyer apartment building

Pablo Beyer apartment building


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