Federal court: Wis. law requiring abortion providers get hospital admitting privileges unconstitutional

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MADISON — A federal appeals court panel says a Wisconsin law requiring abortion providers to get hospital admitting privileges is unconstitutional.

A three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued the decision Monday, November 23rd — upholding a federal judge in Madison who struck down the law in March.

Planned Parenthood and Affiliated Medical Services challenged the law in 2013, arguing it would force AMS’ Milwaukee clinic to close because its doctors couldn’t get admitting privileges. The lawsuit said that amounted to an unconstitutional restriction on abortion.

State attorneys contend the law would ensure continuity of care for women hospitalized with abortion complications.

During oral arguments in October, the 7th Circuit judges hearing the case peppered state attorneys with questions. One judge said there was no rational basis for the law.


  • condoned

    If they can’t get admitting privileges, do you really want to go to them. If you have complications you’re probably dead.

  • PaulaMWatson

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  • George

    Why does the GOP waste so much time and money on this issue? The Supreme Court has ruled on Abortion, sorry bible bangers you lost Roe v Wade. Maybe spend more time looking at your child molester priests instead of wasting time on this issue.

    If you have the right to dictate how people should live their lives then I say you should have to stop being so overweight and ignorant of other people.

    Stop persecuting people because of YOUR religious beliefs and go watch some white trash TV.


    So which amendment in the constitution refers to abortion? I must have missed that in high school civics class. And of course the libs heads are exploding because they think this is supposed to block abortions. But seriously, if you’re going to go through with it, wouldn’t you be glad to know if something goes wrong you won’t die on the table in some clinic? Isn’t that directly related to women’s healthcare continuity?

  • Jennifer

    Please your man controlling republican days are over. You don’t think women should have abortions
    Them keep it I’m your pants boys.

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