“It’s kind of scary:” Police seek convicted sex offender with active warrant who cut his GPS bracelet

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are looking for a 63-year-old man who is a convicted sex offender with an active warrant. Police say he cut his GPS monitoring bracelet.

LC Streeter

LC Streeter

MPD is looking for 63-year-old LC Streeter.

He is a black man, standing 6' tall and weighing 200 pounds.

He has brown eyes and a bald head.

He has an active warrant with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections for violating his terms of release -- and he is a convicted sex offender.

Streeter is convicted under Chapter 980, and he was released into the community in October 2013.

His last known location is near 10th and Bruce Street.

Streeter was released into the community a couple of years ago -- prompting an outcry from his new neighbors. They say since then, he hasn't caused much trouble.

But now, he has suddenly disappeared.

"He does like really familiar. It's kind of scary," Tim Maclin said.

"It's pretty disconcerting that somebody like that's running around out here," Ted Ruhm said.

The Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry lists Streeter as a "sexually violent person."

He has three criminal sex offenses in his past. One of his victims was an adult woman, and the other was a female juvenile.

"Mr. Streeter does not appear to be a person who primarily targets children," officials said when they hosted an informational meeting regarding Streeter prior to his release.

Streeter and another offender were released to live in a home near 77th and Lisbon in Milwaukee.

A neighbor who didn't want to be identified told FOX6 News he just saw Streeter outside the home on Sunday, November 22nd -- shoveling snow.

"They haven't really caused any problem in the neighborhood -- just the uneasy feeling of knowing that they live here," the neighbor said. "I was kind of shocked that after all this time, it's been over two years, that he would choose now to leave."

Streeter is a life-long registrant with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry.

Anyone with information as to Streeter's whereabouts is asked to contact police at (414) 933-4444.


      • condoned

        If it were a white guy we would be calling for castration or putting him in gen. pop. since he’s black they seem to condone this type of behavior since there are no comments from black people condemning him. Get it?

  • Openminded

    I have worked and was a monitor for man, he was never a problem did was he was told. Never was a problem , never broke any rules of his program. For this to happen something or someone had to make this happen. As far as just because he is black has nothing to do with it, there are just as many whites and other races that are out here not castrated. Check out the statistics, of how many white offenders then to anynother race, the white race has the higher numbers.

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