21-year-old Demonte Nolen, charged with six counts of armed robbery, sentenced to prison

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BROWN DEER — 21-year-old Demonte Nolen of Milwaukee — accused in an attempted armed robbery at a Brown Deer Walmart — along with two other crimes occurring on July 31st and August 1st has been sentenced.

Demonte Nolen

Demonte Nolen

Nolen faced six counts of felony armed robbery as party to a crime.

In court on Tuesday, November 24th, Nolen was sentenced to serve seven years in prison and five years extended supervision on each charge. Those sentences are to be served concurrently.



The armed robbery in Brown Deer happened at the Walmart store near 63rd and West Brown Deer Road on Saturday evening, August 1st.

Nolen was arrested by Milwaukee police on August 3rd in Milwaukee.

Police say just after 7:15 p.m. on August 1st, officers responded to the Walmart parking lot for a report of an attempted armed robbery.

They say a 47-year-old woman was approached by Nolen in the parking lot — with Nolen displaying a handgun and demanding the woman’s purse.

A 59-year-old man who was with the woman pushed Nolen away, and Nolen fled the scene in a vehicle.

No one was injured.

Walmart attempted armed robbery

Walmart attempted armed robbery

Nolen’s six counts of armed robbery stem from the attempted armed robbery in Brown Deer as well as additional crimes in the city of Milwaukee and near UW-Milwaukee.

It all began on July 31st, around 9:15 p.m., at the U.S. Bank in the 5500 block of West Capitol Drive.

Police say a man had exited his vehicle to deposit money, when a man, later identified as Nolen, approached him from behind and displayed a handgun — saying “give me everything.”

The complaint indicates the man gave Nolen $132 and his cell phone.

Nolen then got into the front passenger seat of a vehicle, and it fled the scene.

As the vehicle was fleeing, the complaint indicates the victim followed the vehicle, and told police a passenger in the vehicle reached out the window and fired shots at him.

The attempted armed robbery at the Walmart store in Brown Deer happened the next night.

The victims in that attempted armed robbery at the Walmart store were able to get a license plate from the vehicle the suspect got into before he fled the Walmart parking lot.

Police ran that license plate and determined it was registered to a Milwaukee woman. Police spoke with that woman, who indicated the vehicle was in the possession of her son, Demonte Nolen.

About two hours after the attempted armed robbery at the Walmart store on August 1st, police were dispatched to the 2300 block of East Linnwood Avenue, where they spoke with a man who indicated he was walking with friends when a black male jumped out of the bushes and displayed a handgun. The victim told police the suspect said: “Give me your money, beer — I ain’t playing.” The victim saw a second black male standing near a vehicle. When a squad car did a U-turn and headed towards them, the suspects fled the scene.

The officer in that squad car was able to identify Demonte Nolen as the person she saw standing near the victim and his friends on East Linnwood Avenue.

Nolen was interviewed by police on August 4th — one day after his arrest.

He told police that on July 31st, he and a friend were driving around, and that his friend was armed with a semi-automatic pistol. The complaint indicates Nolen told police his friend said they needed to rob someone, and that he (Nolen) agreed to do the robbery.

They then went to the bank on W. Capitol Drive. Nolen told police that after that armed robbery at the bank, his friend fired three shots at the victim, who was following their vehicle, in an effort to “scare him off,” according to the complaint.

The complaint says Nolen told police on August 1st, they decided to rob a college student “because they have money.” So they went to E. Linnwood Avenue.

Nolen said when he and his friend saw the squad car, they fled the scene.

On August 5th, MPD and Brown Deer police conducted a live line-up, and the victims from the incident on E. Linnwood Avenue positively identified Nolen as the suspect in that incident. The victims from the attempted armed robbery at the Walmart store also positively identified Nolen.

The complaint indicates in an interview with Brown Deer police, Nolen admitted to the attempted armed robbery at the Walmart store after initially denying any involvement.



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