ISIS claims responsibility in Sinai hotel bombing that kills 4

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CAIRO — Four people were killed and 12 wounded Tuesday when Islamist militants attacked a hotel housing election judges in the Egyptian town of al-Arish in northern Sinai, according to state media.

All three attackers died in the attack that also killed one judge, two police officers and a civilian, according to state media and an Egyptian armed forces statement.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Sinai attack in a statement on Twitter.

One would-be suicide bomber was killed when his booby-trapped car exploded after security personnel confronted him at the entrance of the Swiss Inn Hotel housing the judicial committee overseeing parliamentary elections, according to a statement by an armed forces spokesman.

A second suicide bomber entered the hotel and blew himself up at a food-preparation area in the hotel, while a third reached a hotel room and “opened fire randomly,” the statement said.

Egypt held its second and final round of voting in parliamentary elections Monday.

State media also reported that a bomb killed a police officer Monday in northern Sinai.

Egyptian security forces have been battling militants in northern Sinai for several years. Hundreds of people have been killed in ISIS attacks, mostly targeting government and security installations.

The terror group claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger plane in October that killed 224 people.