Milwaukee County Zoo’s baby gorilla marks first birthday

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Sulaiman, baby gorilla born at the Milwaukee County Zoo

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Zoo’s male western lowland gorilla, Sulaiman, will turn one year old Tuesday, November 24th.

Sulaiman was born one year ago, to mother, Shalia, and father, Cassius, marking the pair’s first offspring.

Zookeepers report Sulaiman is doing well within his gorilla group, probably weighing between 10-15 pounds.  He has at least 16 teeth, and eats solid food, while still nursing from Shalia during nighttime hours.  He likes to graze on different fruits and vegetables throughout the day, and his favorite treat is sweet potatoes.

Today Sulaiman will receive gelatin blocks for his birthday “cake,” along with seeds and peanuts scattered throughout his exhibit.