Shorewood police: Detective’s squad rammed as she was trying to stop suspect vehicle after robbery

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SHOREWOOD — Shorewood police say a detective’s squad car was rammed when that detective was trying to stop a suspect vehicle following a robbery.

Police were notified of the robbery that occurred in Milwaukee around 9:00 a.m. Tuesday near Prospect and Newberry.

Minutes later, Shorewood police saturated border of Shorewood near Edgewood Boulevard and N. Maryland Avenue to search for the robbery suspect.

A Shorewood detective, patrolling in an unmarked squad saw the suspect’s vehicle near Newport and Maryland — near the UW-Milwaukee campus.

As the detective was turning her squad around to attempt to stop the suspect, the detective saw someone exit the vehicle and commit a strong arm robbery.

The suspect was back in the vehicle by the time the detective approached.

The suspect vehicle fled the scene as the detective attempted to stop the vehicle.

Police say the suspect vehicle rammed into the police squad.

That suspect vehicle was eventually located abandoned in Glendale minutes after this incident.

The Shorewood detective was not injured in the incident.

The Milwaukee police are currently investigating the robberies.


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