Black Friday shoppers describe this year’s tradition as “pretty dull” compared to previous years

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GRAFTON -- "A Black Friday that is different" -- at least that's what shoppers are saying. Bargain hunters say they had an easier time finding parking, and fewer crowds to fight with this year.

With the door busters busted, it's finally time for Emmet Poston and Emily Stultz to head home.

"Our car filled up and we probably only spent $450 on this entire car. This is the new Santa's sleigh," said Emily Stultz.

Emily Stultz and Emmet Poston

Emily Stultz and Emmet Poston

Their marathon of shopping is over. But inside the Meijer store in Grafton, deal hunting for others is still in full swing.

"Just a little list. Just some things we saw in the flier," said Kristin Cisewski, Black Friday shopper.

A pair of sisters say they try and avoid the hustle and bustle, but even they are drawn to the bargains.

"I'm looking for cars because it's buy six, get three free. They fight over cars. And correcting pens for the classroom or for gifts, or things like that," said Cisewski.

At the checkout line, Nick Stampfel says there are shorter lines.



"I didn't get it," said Stampfel.

A shopping holiday that was less hectic since it's now spread over two days.

"I thought it was pretty dull. Pretty dull," said Stampfel.

Black Friday shopping

Black Friday shopping

While it may not feel the same, the concept is unchanged -- there is money to be saved!

"I found this 48-inch TV for $298, so it's a great deal," said a shopper.

It was a good day to take advantage of the prices, and look forward to the holidays ahead.

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