State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo wants to impound cars if drivers lack license

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Wisconsin State Capitol

MADISON — A Republican legislator has introduced a bill that would require drivers who lack valid licenses to immediately surrender their vehicles to police.

Rep. Joe Sanfelippo of New Berlin began circulating the proposal for co-sponsors on Tuesday. He said in a memo to his fellow lawmakers that the measure would keep dangerous and irresponsible motorists off the road.

Under the bill, police would have to immediately impound the vehicle if the driver is caught operating with a suspended or revoked license or simply doesn’t have a license. Cars not claimed after more than 30 days following the end of the impoundment period could be sold.

A spokeswoman for Assembly Speaker Robin Vos didn’t immediately return an email Friday inquiring about the bill’s chances.



  • Wilson

    This doesn’t seem constitutional. If this person without a license borrowed someone’s car, now you’re are going to take the other person’s car away from them when they had no knowledge the person they borrowed it to had a suspended license??? The punishment does not fit the violation and this would be a nightmare to enforce.

    • Ryan

      Or people could be responsible for the vehicles they own and NOT let people without valid drivers licenses borrow them? Maybe? Just a thought..

  • billaryisaliar

    It can easily be enforced. Tow truck shows up and tows the vehicle. If the owner of the vehicle lended it to someone without a license then lesson learned. This law would be very good for the ghetto cruisers that don’t have a license. The satisfaction of seeing the car towed will be glorious.

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