Latest: White House fence jumper sent for psychiatric examination

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The U.S. Secret Service apprehended a man Thursday, November 26, 2015 after he jumped over a White House fence.

WASHINGTON — The man arrested for jumping the White House fence Thanksgiving Day made his first court appearance Friday, after which he was sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Joseph Caputo, 23, of Stamford, Connecticut, was charged with illegal entry of restricted grounds for jumping the fence protecting the White House. He was stopped by Secret Service on the lawn almost immediately and arrested.

After Friday’s court appearance, Caputo was released into Secret Service custody to be transported for evaluation at the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program at St. Elizabeth Hospital ahead of a scheduled hearing Monday in the D.C. District Court.

According to court documents, Caputo left a suicide note with two associates he had been staying with since Monday and left a message for his mother that he might not see her again.

“Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around us who transform into the Force,” he wrote in the note, according to the documents.

When confronted by Secret Service agents, Caputo made statements including, “I love my country,” and “I knew I would be locked up.”

In addition to the American flag he was seen wearing around his shoulders as he scaled the fence, Caputo was carrying a USB drive in the shape of the “Captain America” shield, a pocket guide to the Constitution and weightlifting gloves, according to the documents.

The U.S. Secret Service apprehended a man Thursday, November 26, 2015 after he jumped over a White House fence.

The U.S. Secret Service apprehended a man Thursday, November 26, 2015 after he jumped over a White House fence.

Caputo faces a maximum of one year in prison.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who represents D.C. in Congress, released a statement on Friday expressing dismay with the fact that Caputo was able to scale the fence and calling for a meeting with the Secret Service to discuss “quick corrective action.”


  • JonathaSwifter

    In response, Donald Trump promised to build a strong and “beautiful fence” around the White House.

    Hillary Clinton pledged to make the White House perimeter “as secure any diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.” She then denied saying it, and deleted any email about it.

    Ted Cruz said he would shut the government down, including the Secret Service, until a secure fence was built.

    Bernie Sanders said anyone illegally entering the White House grounds should be granted full and immediate citizenship.

    Lindsey Graham blasted the Secret Service for being weak on defense, and urged planting land mines on the White House lawn.

    The Secret Service blamed the successful fence jumping on tryptophan, saying all its agents had dozed off from their Thanksgiving turkey.

    Barack Obama said he was “drawing a red line around the White House,” and dared any fence jumper to cross it.

    Putin offered to “defend the White House if Obama refuses to do so.”

    Turkey offered to shoot down anyone trying to climb the fence. (As well as “beat the Stuffing out of Putin and give the Russian a real Dressing down.)

    The French offered to build a Maginot Line around the White House.

    As the fence doesn’t work, the Pentagon proposed building a moat around the White House instead, with the Army Corps of Engineers supplying the water for it via a canal from the Tidal Basin.

    Critics say such a midieval construction not only wouldn’t work, but would be a mere, feudal gesture.

    Boston slugger David Ortiz said “you could nickname the new moat ‘the White House Fens’.

    The White House “fence”, or pawnbroker, suggested renting out the Lincoln Bedroom to pay for a better barrier.

    Hearing the moat would contain a drawbridge, Vice President Biden and former President George W. Bush offered to draw a bridge with crayons.

    Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley immediately proposed a “moat tax” for any water in the canal.

    Marco Rubio offered to donate half of the 50 bottles of water he drinks during debates for the moat.

    Bill Clinton said anyone jumping the fence should be arrested, except for interns.

    – Jokes courtesy of Johnny and Ben Carson

  • chris

    They need to send the White House resident for a mental health eval to see if he’s fit to stand trial for treason.

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