“You’re insane:” Judge sentences Russell Rose to life in prison for killing daughter

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KENOSHA COUNTY — Russell Rose, Jr., a Kenosha man convicted of killing his 11-month-old child and abusing her mother, will spend life behind bars. That is the sentence handed down in a Kenosha County courtroom on Thursday, December 3rd.

Rose chose not to testify during his trial. But on Thursday, he did not sit silent. He spoke to the court saying he does not expect any humans to understand. But he "freed his daughter from this terrible planet and her mother."

April Lampy

April Lampy

April Lampy sat in the front row and watch as Rose, her ex-boyfriend and father to her daughter, 11-month-old Serenity, was set to be sentenced.

Before sentencing, Lampy spoke softly, telling her abuser that she won't be afraid anymore.

"I will continue to live my life to the fullest in honor of Serenity," said Lampy.

The Kenosha County District Attorney then gave a passionate plea for a stiff sentence.

Serenity Rose

Serenity Rose

"The defendant is a plain, violent, evil person and deserves the full wrath of this court. In fact judge, he should burn in hell for the rest of his life," said District Attorney Robert Zapf.

Russell Rose

Russell Rose

Rose then addressed the court, seeming to agree.

"I am a monster, and not because you human beings don't understand why I love my daughter so much that I would not allow her to suffer here on your planet, in your world," said Rose. "And I go happily to watch my football game at 7 o'clock when my Green Bay Packers smash the Lions."

Invoking football did not sit well with the judge.

Judge Bruce Schroeder

Judge Bruce Schroeder

"You're insane. In addition to that though, you are lonesome and wicked for what you have done," said Judge Bruce Schroeder.  "And then to talk after depriving this innocent child of its life, that you would be talking about a football game speaks to the danger that you would pose to every person in every community anywhere on this earth."

FOX6 News spoke with April Lampy, Serenity's mother, after the sentencing hearing. She agreed with the judge calling Rose insane and that he had no remorse. Lampy said she misses her daughter every day and works hard to move on.


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  • billaryisaliar

    They should put him in the Brazen Bull and will see how he will talk as he’s slowly roasting and his screams are heard from the horns.

  • ibn nate

    Yes, Chris, I acknowledge that we, African Americans, need to reevaluate our propose in life and start to instill within ourselves morals and values. But as inhabitants of the world, we need to recognize that the white race has caused all of the MAJOR wars and atrocities throughout the 20th century up until now. Do you recall WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War (Bush Jr.’s made up war), and lets not forget about the crimes committed against the Native Americans (germ warfare, stealing of land, false treaties) and African Americans (slavery, Jim Crow law, lynchings, crack cocaine epidemic, gangster rap, etc.). Are you willing to admit this Mr. Chris, if you are a man, like many African Americans are willing to admit their shortcomings? By the way Chris, have you ever heard of the Black War or science racism? Google search those and see what you get!!!!

    • Janice

      This is not about race this is about a monster killing a sweet innocent child and making her mother watch while he did it. Justice for Serenity and her mom has finally arrived!

    • Norell

      He killed his little girl. No Mercy for him. War’ and rumor’s of war. We have been killing eachother since the beginning of our time on earth. It will never stop. Color makes no different. Their will always be some idoit who wants to rule the world. If the new American didn’t kill off the American Indian’s then China would have. The Indians were 2,000 years behind in technology, there was no way that they could win.

    • Dan

      Life in Africa doesn’t seem like it would be very pleasant.Is that the white mans fault too?Is it our fault that slavery is still going on in Africa,while here in America.African Americans have all the opportunity in the world. if they are willing to work hard.If you don’t believe me,ask President Obama

  • ibn nate

    Did the professionals evaluate this man’s mental condition? Because if he is not mentally ill, he SHOULD be punished severely!

  • butch

    NO, kill the insane so they stop doing insane SHT..or give them to the fbi or cia for attacks n stuff…they need “actors”.

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