“Voices of moms are getting louder:” Moms Demand Action movement gears toward safer gun laws

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MILWAUKEE -- It seems like everyone, from politicians to parents, is weighing in on Wednesday's mass shooting event in California. One local woman says the country needs to do better and she plans to help lead the change.

Chris Krasovich

Chris Krasovich

Mass shooting scenes are enough to make anyone feel physically sick. Now, they're mobilizing thousands of parents to push for change.

"The voices of moms are getting louder and we're following in the footsteps of organizations like MADD who finally addressed obvious issues and failings in the system," said Chris Krasovich, Moms Demand Action.

Chris Krasovich works with the "Moms Demand Action" Wisconsin Chapter. She says the group was founded by a mom who was horrified by the Sandy Hook shootings.

"With events like what occurred yesterday, we always see a boost there are more people who are finding out about us and deciding that it's time to activate and work for change," said Krasovich.

An active shooter was reported at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.

Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.

She says that includes promoting community education about firearms, while also reaching out to lawmakers.

"We are looking at the legislative efforts that would keep people safe and that would not interfere with people's right to bear arms and those are things that are supported even by gun owners," said Krasovich.

Moms Demand Action

Moms Demand Action

With a chapter in every state, she says the organization's goal is to find the middle ground where progress can be made. As a mother of two herself, Krasovich sees the group's activities as a way to show her own kids what she wants this country to stand for.

"I want them to know that when you see a wrong, when you see something that needs addressing in this country you have a responsibility to be one of the people working to address it," said Krasovich.

Moms Demand Action also welcomes dads and people who don't have kids.

If you would like to learn more about the organization, CLICK HERE.


  • fartknocker

    Yep, gun control laws will protect us from terrorists. They won’t kill people if its illegal. Oh, wait…

  • Reasonless

    Out of touch fool that obviously buys her cloths at Goodwill.
    No clue what so ever as to what’s going on, but for the sake of getting her twenty minutes of fame will babble her anti gun nonsense.

  • Dawn M Simons (@mareksladyd)

    it is true that this week’s mass shooting strongly appears to be a radical Muslim terrorist act but I believe Chris’ motivation was more the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting which is coming up soon and that was NOT connected to Islam in any way. The initial horror that any other mass shooting occurred no matter who was behind it is what brought the press to her door.


    The group wasn’t founded by a concerned mom, it was founded by Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group and that’s not even a secret. They also send MDA out to protest events like the NRA convention and they provide them with ARMED security! Yes, MDA heads travel with armed security guards. Just like anti-gun politicians travel with armed security, and anti-gun celebrities travel with armed security, and anti-gun publications house themselves in buildings with armed guards. Make no mistake, this isn’t about gun control or reducing violence, it’s about disarming citizens. The “elite” in this country are the only ones who feel they’re important enough to protect themselves. It has been reported dozens of times that every gov’t agency from the dept of education to the national oceanic and atmospheric association, to the DNR have armed security forces and have been gradually stockpiling arms and ammunition. Simultaneously the ATF and administration have been trying to push through bans and restrictions on citizens. It’s scary stuff.

  • Greg

    It’s frustrating to see people who have no knowledge/training/experience about something (in this case firearms) arguing against it. They claim people who are pro gun need to get real, yet they won’t spend any time to get a education in firearms so maybe they aren’t so negligent. They are often so closeminded and unreasonable that they won’t even sit down and have a factual discussion or even get firearms training. What these people amount to are people who fear something they don’t understand, ignorant to the point they avoid seeking the truth, and negligent by spreading their gospel as though they are experts.

  • Chris

    If you write these people with different views and ask question they will block your email address, They will block you on social media. The NRA is talking about making a club called Banned by Sharron Watts founder of this group.

  • Reasonless

    Hey Chris.
    You want to save lives?
    You can add a few years to your life by banning Twinkies and the other junk foods that you obviously have no self control around.

    With the money you save you can buy your clothes somewhere other than the Goodwill Moo Moo Section.

    • Chris

      I do not twinkies or other junk food. I will put money I am in better shape than you. I have no need to buy my clothes at Good Will since I can afford nice clothes. I leave those for the people who can not afford clothes. If I knew you first and last name I could call Homeland security and have you put on the do not fly list. These people keep lying about there numbers. Even the liberal Washington Post has said that and has The Huffington post.

  • rapper

    you want to teach your kids on how to speak out, tell them to get concealed carry , or if old enough join the military, but i dont think either will happen, you are just a bunch of libs that have nothing else to do! also the mass shooting was terrorrism so teach little johny or sally what that is! the actual americans who care did the above two ideas.

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