“There will be no exceptions:” U.S. military opens combat positions to women

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WASHINGTON  — All U.S. military combat positions are being opened up to women, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Thursday.

The decision allows women to fill about 220,000 jobs that are now limited to men — including infantry, armor, reconnaissance and some special operations units.

“This means that as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before. They’ll be able to drive tanks, give orders, lead infantry soldiers into combat,” Carter said at a news conference Thursday.

“There will be no exceptions,” he added.

Carter’s historic announcement comes after years-long reviews, and after public push-back from the Marine Corps, which had sought exceptions to keep positions such as infantry, machine gunner, fire support and reconnaissance to men. A Marine Corps study suggests all-male squads are more effective in combat and less likely to be injured than integrated groups.

Carter acknowledged the Marines’ resistance, but said he’d decided to set a policy that covers the full department.

First three female Marines graduate Infantry training course

First three female Marines graduate Infantry training course

“We are a joint force, and I’ve decided to make a decision that applies to the entire force,” Carter said.

Two women made history in August by becoming the first female soldiers to complete the Army’s Ranger School, but they couldn’t apply to join the 75th Ranger Regiment, an elite special operations force — until now.


  • Chris

    That just screwed our infantry soldiers and special forces. Those 2 women who past the ranger course were set up to pass. In real life you get one chance maybe 2 if you impressed them enough with your first try. NO ONE gets 3 tries let alone 7. The army did everything it could to be pc. Look at the Marines. The women had to do the same course as the men. Not a single female passed. None were even close. At least the Marines will not lower their standards if the are not forced to by the pos in office,

  • JokeEnthusiast

    Time to amend the Selective Service statute to reflect this and make all 18-25 year old women sign up for the draft or face denial of: federal student loans and grant programs; federal job training under the Workforce Investment Act; federal jobs or security clearance as a contractor; and U.S. citizenship for immigrants.


  • dontresstilldead

    That’s great, but the better do just as many pushups, situps, pull ups and run just as fast as the men!

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