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False alarm: Kenosha police find no evidence of shots fired at Indian Trail H.S.

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Indian Trail High School

KENOSHA — Kenosha police tell FOX6 News that a report of shots fired at Indian Trail High School and Academy on Friday, December 4th was a false alarm.

Initially, police received a 911 call indicating shots had been fired at the school at 5:48 p.m. But once on the scene, police say they found no evidence of a shooter, a shooting, shell casings or injuries. The building will be on lockdown until officers complete their investigation.

Indian Trail High School

Indian Trail High School

Officials say there was a basketball game going on at the school at the time of the 911 call.

FOX6 News has a crew headed to the scene — and we will update this story as more information becomes available.

Google Map for coordinates 42.583580 by -87.889360.


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    • en0nym0us

      Dear Libertarian,
      That’s really going to solve the problem… Criminals don’t follow laws and will get their guns no matter the laws. Look at Mexico, biggest gun ban/laws there is and the WORST place of violence, run by the cartels who have thousands of guns. Use your little head before speaking out loud. California: Banned assault weapons, is a ‘may issue’ state for concealed carry, limits capacity to 10 rounds or less, does NOT allow the open carry of any firearm, requires background checks for ALL sales at gun shows, requires background checks for EVERY firearm purchase, requires a minimum 10 day waiting period for the purchase of a firearm… Did that stop the shooters? Must I go on with the facts or can your tiny little head not handle it?

    • atacs

      Gotta love the liberals take on gun control. I’d love to see who they will be hiding behind when America falls into civil unrest my guess is they will be hiding behind the patriots of this country..

    • Brandon

      Get a brain. And no, “Libertarian’s” head can’t handle it or he/she wouldn’t spitting out this type of nonsensical, baseless garbage. It takes 5 minutes to Google the most violent areas in the US and nationwide and cross-reference them with the level of restrictive gun laws in those areas. Liberalism is, without a doubt, an abject mental disorder.

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