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Kezia Perkins sentenced to one year confinement for “chest-butting” incident

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County judge sentenced 33-year-old Kezia Perkins on Friday, December 4th to one year of confinement and two years of extended supervision.

Perkins is the woman who was found guilty of aggravated battery in September for a “chest-butting” incident involving an elderly woman at a Greenfield Walmart in March. The fight was over a handicap parking spot. This entire incident was captured by surveillance cameras at Walmart.

According to the criminal complaint filed in this case, the 71-year-old victim in this case, Janis Gotz, pulled into a handicap parking spot at the Walmart store near Highway 100 and Layton Ave. After pulling into the spot, Gotz was approached by Perkins who “began screaming…through the car windows.” The 71-year-old woman was “afraid and waited till the woman was away from the car to exit the car and attempt to walk to the front doors of Walmart.” Moments later, the complaint indicates Perkins ran up to the Gotz and “slammed her body into her, knocking (the victim) to the pavement.” As a result of being knocked to the pavement, the complaint says Gotz suffered a fractured femur and had to have surgery on her hip.

In court Friday, Perkins apologized to Gotz. Perkins said she was embarrassed by what she did and was not herself that day. It was revealed, at the time, Perkins was breastfeeding her baby -- and was not taking medication for mental health issues.

Gotz told Perkins in court that her actions had changed her life forever. She told FOX6 News that there are no winners in this case. Goltz said she hopes Perkins gets better -- and that she has a long way to go herself.


    • Iselin 946

      Why are some of these idiots saying this is a racist thing, when ANYONE that does this horrible act to ANYONE should be punished severly. I wish you were the Judge for this Judge Judy.

  • VB

    Reading these comments will let you know just how racist people are!! No, all “black” people do not act like that, just like all “white” people don’t shoot up an elementary school’s killing 20 students & six adults – Sandy Hook! She does deserve what she has coming to her but not because she’s black but because what she did was despicable!!

  • Homer

    Wow, what a racist you are! I hope you’re children or grandchildren marry a African-American just to spite you! You’re a true waste of oxygen.

  • Wilson

    Only a year in jail for that animal Perkins?? Wish she would have resisted arrest and been shot 14 times like dontre was. She is a low-life POS that should be locked up for a long long time…

  • Ruenell Rudy Akridge

    so….who’s gonna feed that baby now? SMH….people, really, we must do better. And I am sure this lady is going to get a large settlement so every time you see that amount taken out of your check just a reminder to DO BETTER

  • Iselin 946

    I cannot believe the sentence that she got. Please do not give me that crap about not taking her mental health meds. What a bunch of bull. She is the one responsible for herself.

  • Angry mom

    I hope she was cited for her “unrestrained” child that is walking around the inside of the car also! After all, isn’t it a “law” in all 50 states that children must be in a car seat?? I can’t believe NO ONE heard or stepped in to help before it escalated to PUSHING the elderly lady down. What would you do? I guarantee I would have shoved the black idiot down and keyed her car for acting aggressively, being dishonest, and being a pig!

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