At least 14 homes, vehicles hit by shots fired in Brown Deer: Weapon may be BB gun, or pellet gun

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BROWN DEER -- Someone drove through Brown Deer, firing dozens of shots over the weekend, and police believe the shots were fired from a BB gun or pellet gun.

Connie Rudolph says she didn't need this kind of hassle and expense right before Christmas.

"We got up Sunday morning and went out to go to church -- got into the car, looked into the rear view mirror and there was no rear window," Rudolph said.

Connie Rudolph's vehicle shot at in Brown Deer

Connie Rudolph's vehicle shot at in Brown Deer

Rudolph's vehicle is one of at least 14 vehicles and homes shot up in Brown Deer this weekend.

Police believe the weapon used was a BB gun or pellet gun.

"The idea that your things are not safe in your yard?" Rudolph said.

"Pointing the BB towards houses and cars and doing damage to windows, to residences, as well as damage to vehicles," Brad Caddock with the Brown Deer Police Department said.

Connie Rudolph's vehicle shot at in Brown Deer

Connie Rudolph's vehicle shot at in Brown Deer

One witness says he saw a dark-colored sedan drive down his street, and around 20 shots were fired. One struck his neighbor's vehicle, and took out a window.

Police are not only concerned about all the vandalism -- but also, the suspects who did this, and what could happen if someone sees a realistic-looking BB gun used in a drive-by shooting.

"To the individuals who are doing this, it's a very dangerous game because they do have -- oftentimes if it is a BB gun or a pellet gun, it can oftentimes look like an actual weapon and can put themselves at great risk," Caddock said.

Police ask that anyone with information into this vandalism give them a call.

Connie Rudolph's vehicle shot at in Brown Deer

Connie Rudolph's vehicle shot at in Brown Deer

Meanwhile, police say residents should be aware that this vandalism occurred -- and the suspects haven't been caught.


  • LJ

    Oh, so… No mention of how many people in MILWAUKEE had windows shot out by the BB gun as well? This is a lot bigger than JUST 14 people in Brown Deer. I’d say you should ask the Milwaukee Police Department but they didn’t care when we called them. Maybe that in itself is a story and a more important one at that.

    • Reasonless

      I bet they’re just upset because someone stole their cell phone.
      They just shot the wrong house. That’s all.

    • Ivenotseenanywhitepeopleinbrowndeer

      LOL I didn’t know there were any “White kids” in BROWN DEER anymore. Anyways those people have a garage and they live in brown deer and probably should park IN the garage when they can.. They were lucky they weren’t real bullets being Brown Deer and all.

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