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Overnight fog causes poor visibility on the roads; AAA offers tips to stay safe

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OAK CREEK -- The dense fog Monday morning, December 7th has officials warning drivers to turn their lights on and slow down.

When visibility is poor, you'll need more time to react and stop. Seeing traffic lights or stop signs can also be difficult.

AAA is offering tips to help drivers stay safe on the roads:

  • If your visibility is low, consider pulling over and finding a safe place to park and wait it out.
  • Avoid using your high-beams because they won't work nearly as well as your low-beam headlights.
  • Avoid multi-tasking such as answering your phone or having the radio up too loud.
  • Listen for traffic you can't see
  • Avoid changing lanes unless you have to
  • Turning on wipers and defrosters can help with visibility
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