Trapping coyotes: One pest control expert suggests a “targeted approach”

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GREENFIELD -- We are about a week into the City of Greenfield's coyote trapping effort. While those traps will be in place for a few months, at least one trapper already recommends expanding the effort.

Matt Snorek

Matt Snorek

"I've been doing Greenfield for two years now. I've done trapping for coyotes on 90th, 91st, 84th," said Matt Snorek.

Snorek, the owner of Burlington-based "Guaranteed Gone Pest and Wildlife Control," says he is familiar with the ins and outs of trapping in Greenfield -- where coyote complications continue. But on Monday, Snorek suggested a shift in strategy.

"I'm thinking that the city should be using both traps, in conjunction with each other," said Snorek.

That is "both" as in the cable restraint traps already in use along with a rubber-jawed, foothold trap.

"These are buried in the ground. It's a targeted approach, where you actually use scents and baits and lures to call them in. And when you catch your animals in here, it holds their foot with very, very little impact to their foot," said Snorek.

coyote trapsSnorek said employing both types of traps could generate a higher yield of coyotes.

"These traps here, when they're properly put down below the ground, outta sight, outta mind. Can't see 'em. And so, when these go off on their foot, they very rarely ever escape these -- and you're not gonna have a lot of educated coyotes," said Snorek.

A Greenfield alderman tells FOX6 News he believes one coyote may have been caught during the past several days.


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