Harvard study: Chemical linked to ‘popcorn lung’ found in most e-cigarette juices

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CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — Researchers say a flavoring chemical linked to severe respiratory disease can be found in most e-cigarettes.

The Harvard University study says more than 75% of flavored e-cigarettes contain “diacetyl.”

The chemical has been linked to a debilitating respiratory disease known as “popcorn lung.”

The disease first appeared in workers who inhaled artificial butter flavoring from microwave popcorn.

The study also found two related, potentially harmful compounds in many of the tested flavors.

The study’s authors say the findings show that there’s much to be learned about the dangers of e-cigarettes.

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  • Nick

    Okay obviously this Harvard guy doesnt vapeor even attempt to make liquidyes im sure There are downsides to vaping but the ingredients of E-liquid is simple Proglycol, Vegatable glycerin, and nicotine. The flavoring is just extracts from other fruits and some are artificially made as well but either way if you put vanilla extracts on your icecream or vanilla extract in you e liquid it would still have the same effects .Vaping is a much better alternative to ciggerattes and people need to realize that.

  • Josh

    This is old news. This would be the reason that most juice companies have removed Diacetyl from thier liquids. This is just propaganda. For some reason people want to shut vaping down. What about all the poisons found in cigs? How bout we spread all that?

    • Mike

      Of COURSE there is going to be propaganda. The state is not making any money off of it! Not a SINGLE report that has come out on this has mentioned the difference in levels between a cigarette and an amount of e-juice. Why? Because even at the levels they are complaining about, a cigarette still contains much more! They (government) will not stop until it is either taxed to the max or banned.

  • Joel Johnson

    The only confirmed case of popcorn lung resulting from Diacetyl involved a person who worked in a popcorn factory and was exposed to it in high concentrations for many years. It has absolutely nothing to do with ecigs. There is Diacetyl in some flavorings. However, the concentration is so minimal that it’s very unlikely to cause any health conditions.

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