“Just unbelievable:” Anti-Muslim note posted at grocery store shocks customers, store officials alike

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OAK CREEK -- A surprising find Tuesday, December 8th at a grocery store. Some are calling a note posted inside the store hate speech against Muslims.

It's unclear who posted the message.

Woodman's officials took down the note, and ripped it up as soon as FOX6 News brought it to their attention.

Many who saw it say they're offended.

Note at grocery store in Oak Creek

Note at grocery store in Oak Creek

"This is not good. Wow," a Woodman's customer said.

"If I had seen it, I would have asked 'why is that up? Why do they have that up?'" a customer said.

The note was posted inside the main entrance on a wall with community posters and advertisements, and addressed to Muslims. It said: "Dress, speak, conform to USA standards, or don`t come to the USA. Or get out."

It was signed, "The people."

"I think that is offensive. Especially here in Oak Creek, after everything that happened with the (Sikh) Temple and the controversy," a customer said.

On August 5th, 2012, six people were murdered at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin -- just up the road from the Woodman's store in Oak Creek. Wade Page, a white supremacist eventually turned the gun on himself.

Shooting at Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek

Shooting at Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek

Woodman's officials said they were unaware the note had been posted, and it was immediately taken down and ripped up when FOX6 News brought it to their attention.

Area where anti-Muslim note was posted at Woodman's

Area where anti-Muslim note was posted at Woodman's

"It`s just unbelievable. Basically what we`re doing -- we are fighting hate with hate, instead of the American ideal which is let`s fight hate with democracy and equality," Mai McCarthy said.

McCarthy, a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) says Muslim classmates have shared stories of bigotry.

"They screamed at her -- 'get out. Get out of our country, terrorist,' and she was just pumping gas," McCarthy said.

Mai McCarthy

Mai McCarthy

McCarthy says on Wednesday, December 9th, she'll help host a "Peace Teaching on Islam" at MATC's Oak Creek campus.

"We should accept different cultures and understand it through education," McCarthy said.

The event is free and open to the public. It begins at 10:00 a.m. at MATC's South Campus in Lecture Hall A.


  • zek

    I kinda have to agree. Sorry to say, I think Trump has the USA welfare in mind when he stated not till we can make sure that the vetting of these people has to improve before we can let them in.

  • Mel

    I have to say, everyday here there is something that is brought to my attention, in regard to the mindset of our community at large and it shocks me. The sheer stupidity and ignorance displayed by these people is disgusting. What is wrong with all of you!? I know this may blow your small, racist little minds but, if you’re not a NATIVE AMERICAN, then your relatives were immigrants too. Being xenophobic is totally obsolete as the world must have globalized but missed your 1950, white picket fence patch of ignorance. I am a white, female professional and have personally heard too many people here making racist, harmful and hateful things about Muslims. I have worked with many in the Islamic community here in Milwaukee and have NEVER once been fearful of them. They are targeted, threatened and shamed by ignorant people that never bothered to actually go outside their box and try to actually get to know one of the people. If these idiots that posted the sign would actually talk to and get to know about the individuals practicing Islam here, they would get to know, just like EVERY OTHER PERSON who ever left their homeland (which leaving their yards is not) , that a lot if the immigrants fled their countries because of the terrors that exist there. I have heard their pain, losses and strife just to get here and become a citizen of the ‘greatest’ country in the world. So you ignorant bigots out there need to realize that you are hurting people who have nothing to do with the terrorists and hostile people perpetrating the crimes associated with their terror organizations! Whoever posted this should be charged with a HATE CRIME! You should be ashamed of your behavior and ostracized for your ignorance and hatred for a religion and people you know NOTHING ABOUT. Maybe you should use that magical box on your desk or pick up your smartphone and actually research what Islam is, instead of listening to some rich idiot, the MSM sensationalist propaganda and ‘cuzin Jeff’s “knowledge” on the topic! I am an ‘alternative’ religion myself and hear ignorant people spouting off on it which offends me because they no nothing about it let alone me as a person. So quit embarrassing Wisconsin and us intelligent homegrown people, because not all white suburbanites are as ignorant and racist as you. And we don’t care to or want to hear about how stupid you have become.

    • Reasonless

      I agree with most everything that you posted.

      The thing is….. You can’t fix stupid.

      There is always going to be some shallow, narrow minded, or possibly just plain uneducated individual in the community making a fool of them self by engaging their mouth before their brain.

      There is always a small chance that this person really did have something bad happen to them or a loved one as a direct result of being wronged by someone representing the Muslim culture, and because of being a narrow minded person, they decided to hate all Muslims. (No different than seeing a black man on the news that did something bad, and thus making the stupid decision to hate all black men.) Same twisted philosophy.

      Regardless of what kind of text book society man attempts to create, you will always have a small percentage, and I mean “Small” percentage of people like this.

      The problem that I see, is our news media that makes the decision to blast this into our community thus giving recognition to the fool that originally posted the sign. By recognizing this fool, it will draw additional fools out from under their rocks, and they too will jump on the band wagon.

      This is just my opinion, but I think the smartest thing would have been to just take the sign down, throw it in the trash, and not give it any attention what so ever. Instead, thanks to the media, this clown has achieved one of their goals. They are now, in their mind, a celebrity, possibly now prompted to take their agenda one step further along with all of their new found friends due to their instant fame.

      I personally think that this should never had made the news. If it continues to be a problem at that particular store, they can always set up surveillance cameras in order to catch the individual or individuals that are doing this. And if and when it turns out to be a twelve year old kid, we can all ring our hands and armchair quarterback what went wrong in this child’s life that made them hate this way. Then we can lobby to ban video games and movies while we completely ignore the fact that the media spreads most of the turmoil and hate when it comes to race wars in this country.

  • Mike

    Fox- Seriously? What the hell kind of reporting is this? The Sikhs arent Muslim. Other than the fact that they are several blocks down the road from woodmans, what relevance do they have to this story? I have watched this station become more sensationalized by the day……

  • Dave B

    Is there any chance that a Muslim believer posted this in an attempt to win sympathy and prove bias and hate? Too bad we don’t have all the facts

    • Pablo

      Yes. I believe that a “Muslim believer” is pretending to be a senior citizen and making crappy cardboard signs to hang in local grocery stores in order to gain sympathy. That is clearly the most logical answer. I am appalled by all the sympathy my local Muslim believers are getting all of a sudden. They aren’t even dressing American!

  • Lorett

    Agree with the note! If you only come here to hate on the American people and culture then LEAVE and STAY in your own country!!!

  • Truth Hertz

    Why is everyone so worked up about this sign? It was obviously written by someone with very little education. The grammatical errors were shameful. This sign further illuminates the ignorance levels of some bigots.

  • Soma Fox

    while i agree that people are going pretty overboard its always struck me as true that if one of us were to go over to thier country not only might we die a pretty horrific death via dull knife or the like but we would absolutely be forced to adhere to their religious and cultural standards.

    • WritesOnParade

      You should try leaving Wisconsin sometime rather than just speculating through the lens of fear. Travelling isn’t scary. There are people everywhere and they’re just like you and me.

      • Opinion8d

        I would respectfully disagree with ‘people everywhere and they’re just like you and me.’ In what we would call ‘civilized, Western’ societies that may be very true. However, many places, they are not like you or I. Visit Saudi Arabia as a women and see if they respect ‘your cultural differences’ as an American. Or, other Muslim countries -I believe a British couple was jailed for making out on the beach in Dubai. How about Afghanistan where girls/women weren’t allowed to go to school?? The fact is while it’s nice to think we are all the same, there can be significant cultural differences (often influenced by religion) that do not make for friendly relations. To ignore those differences is, well, just ignorant.

    • Sam Niperetn

      Totally wrong Soma. Thousands of Americans are in the Middle East extremely welcomed and live in peace. Never heard some say to them : Speak Arabic. They have to adhere to the law NOT Culture. All Muslims adhere to the law in USA. They are the group of highest education. Lowest crime rate. Least ethnic group on public assistance. These are facts.

  • Mark

    It’s not surprising at all that notes like this almost always contain spelling and/or grammatical errors. This might as well read “I’m a dumb racist piece of sh*t.” People make me sick.

  • Arno Michaelis

    This Woodman’s is about a half-mile down the road from the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, where the same sort of fear and ignorance drove a man to murder six people on August 5th, 2012.

    Continuing the practice of transforming social illness into inspiration, S2U Peacemakers from Jane Neese’s 4th grade class at Hampton School created works of art to welcome our Muslim sisters and brothers to our community. Woodman’s store manager Dave Keesey provided us a place by the entrance to hang a display of the artwork.


    Thanks to the efforts of some very thoughtful young people, Muslims shopping at Woodman’s will know they are welcome each time they visit the store!

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