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Latest: Gov. Walker signs heroin antidote distribution bill

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GREEN BAY — Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill designed to make a heroin overdose antidote more readily available.

Under current law, doctors can give health centers, pharmacies and clinics general permission to dispense Narcan without specific prescriptions. But Attorney General Brad Schimel has raised concerns that those provisions don't trump other statutes requiring prescriptions to include a recipient's name.

narcan 2

Republican Rep. John Nygren's bill clarifies that pharmacies can hand out Narcan under a doctor's standing order.

"This would allow for a standing order through a pharmacy to be able to dispense Narcan after proper training to people who might actually be at risk, whether it be a family member or someone you know. This would allow you to have that to carry and administer to save a life," Rep. Nygren (R-Marinette) said.

Walker signed the bill Tuesday morning at Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay.

Those looking to purchase Narcan without a prescription should note that they might not get it right away.

A CVS spokesman says CVS would order it for the customer, who should get it by the next day.



  • Biillly

    Good. Let’s drive the price even higher.

    As a paramedic who sees Heroin OD’s nearly daily…. The cost for us to administer Narcan is skyrocketing. The amount of money spent on people who will continue to use because of little, or no repercussions is a massive issue.

    While death is never the answer, allowing this is just enabling and worsening an already huge epidemic. Let’s also ignore the fact that once this drug is given, it doesn’t last for an indefinite amount of time. 15-20 minutes before someone can slip back into an overdose…we can also kindly I gone the possibility of seizures, cardiac arrests, and all the other things…. This isn’t a drug that should be this easy to get.

  • RyTheGuy

    Thank you Billly!

    This is a waste of taxpayer money. Heroin overdoses are one of the only forms of natural selection this country has left. Those individuals who choose to overdose, who choose to do this horrible drug, deserve to die and not at the cost of taxpayers. I don’t care if you think this is morbid, it is illegal to do heroin in the first place…live by the sword, die by the sword. Stop Narcan and all drugs that stop or debilitate the cowardly individuals from overdosing now is their time to perish.

  • TT

    I have a family member who is a heroin addict and while I don’t condone his use of the drug, I felt I should get a prescription and training from the local needle exchange just in case. Thank God I did because I was forced to use it one evening when he overdosed. I understand that those who do not know someone who is an addict cannot understand what it is like, but in the case of my family member, he was prescribed opiates over 5 years by a doctor and abruptly taken off them which led to his addiction to heroin. You would never know he was an addict since unlike others, he is gainfully employed and a terrific husband and father. Please don’t judge without knowing what it’s like to walk in their shoes. Heroin addicts are not like those of the past, they are average every day citizens who have succumbed to a life they would never have chosen and unfortunately, rehab programs are not easy to get into and participate in if you aren’t homeless and unemployed.

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