FitFoodMKE combines nutritious, gourmet-quality meals with food that is always fresh

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MILWAUKEE -- Chip spent the morning at FitFoodMKE. Fit Food is a local company that makes healhty prepacked meals. Their goal is to help give busy people the time to eat healthy and still have time to workout.

FitFoodMKE (website):

You don't want to choose between making a healthy, nutritious meal and getting your workout in. With FitFoodMKE you don't have to. Let us show you how you really can have it all.

FitFoodMKE combines nutritious, gourmet-quality meals with food that is always fresh, never frozen, with no preservatives and no MSG, and ingredients are purchased from local farms as the seasons permit.

Compliment your fitness routine with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and delicious take n' bake pizzas.