Governor Scott Walker hints that he may run for third term

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Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON — Governor Scott Walker is hinting that he may be running for a third term.

Walker told to the state chamber of commerce in a speech Wednesday, December 9th that he will unveil ideas next month in his State of the State speech for listening to Wisconsin residents and business owners.

Walker says the initiative will look at what the goals should be for the state and what businesses and people can be attracted here.

Walker says he wants to work on that for the remainder of his term “or whatever terms I’m blessed to serve thereafter.”

Walker’s current term runs through 2018.

Walker told donors to his failed presidential campaign in September that he hadn’t decided on running for a third term.


  • libertarian

    Oh God please not! This man and Bush have destroyed this country and hard working people. The only people he supports is those evil small business owners and the rich. Thank God he ran out of money in the presidential election.Everything Sir Mr Obama has worked so hard for would have been destroyed by this evil creature that roams the earth.

    • rapper

      libertarian you must be on every public assistance offered, do you really want to go back to doyle like government? apparently you are not a home owner because my property tax went down , and walker also pulled us out of debt, and if you are a homeowner give that extra money back!

    • Dee

      Thank you Libertarian!!!! Having Scott Walker here again would be awful and the worst thing people in WI can do. I do own my own home and do not receive any public assistant. I have a very well paying job!!! I unfortunately I live in the city this so called governor completely ignores. Maybe if all of the thugs move to Scott walkers area then maybe he will care. Are you serious about him lowering taxes lol I think you may want to compare your finances again because you clearly miss calculated!!! Idiots Scott Walker is a awful human who only concern is for himself, if you think he cares about you…think again!! WAKE UP!!!!

      • Dee

        sorry Rapper i am not a “product” of MPS but its clear that you are with a screen name of rapper. I can assure you i definitely do not live in the hood and i do apologize for my misspelling of miscalculated. I tried not to use such big words for people like you to understand and as it has proven you still did not get the message. Now instead of trying to find grammatical errors in people posted opinions you should try to understand the message behind it. If you can not I am sure Facebook would be more of your liking. Yes i blame the mayor Tom Barrett as well but with that being said Scott walker is a menace to this state and any state for that matter. If you do not know the world of politics and do not work in that field as well i would applaud you if you were to keep you ignorant comments to yourself. Quit trying to be an online bully i am far to grown of a successful woman for that.

  • rapper

    how are the small business owners evil? the way you talk bad about bush and walker you should be against BIG business, so you should think before you write, P.S bush has been gone for 8 years so get over it!!

  • Independant

    The sadly ironic part of Walker hinting at running yet again for governor is the fact he has amassed over $1M in campaign debt from a pathetically failed presidential bid and is now begging people to pay it off for him. Strikes me as an entitlement, something Walker has always been opposed to, unless of course it pertains to him.
    How rich. Why can’t this state or the nation but forth a viable republican candidate in the mold of Lincoln, Roosevelt, or Reagan who would have our country’s interest rather than their own personal beliefs or value system as the priority?

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