Suspect identified after anti-Muslim sign found inside grocery store; no charges will be filed

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Area where anti-Muslim note was posted at Woodman's

Area where anti-Muslim note was posted at Woodman’s

OAK CREEK — The Oak Creek Police Department has completed a preliminary investigation into the anti-Muslim sign which was posted at the Woodman’s grocery store located at 8131 S. Howell Avenue.

As a result of this investigation, a suspect has been identified.

Oak Creek’s police chief tells FOX6 News because this is a First Amendment issue, no charges will be filed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.

The note was posted inside the main entrance on a wall with community posters and advertisements, and addressed to Muslims. It said: “Dress, speak, conform to USA standards, or don`t come to the USA. Or get out.”

It was signed, “The people.”

Police spoke with the individual who posted the sign, and that person said it was aimed at radical Islamists and not the general Muslim population.

Note at grocery store in Oak Creek

Note at grocery store in Oak Creek

“I think that is offensive. Especially here in Oak Creek, after everything that happened with the (Sikh) Temple and the controversy,” a customer said.

On August 5th, 2012, six people were murdered at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin — just up the road from the Woodman’s store in Oak Creek. Wade Page, a white supremacist eventually turned the gun on himself.

Woodman’s officials said they were unaware the note had been posted, and it was immediately taken down and ripped up when FOX6 News brought it to their attention.

The Oak Creek Police Department has determined that the public is not in any danger of any threat implied by the message on this sign.


  • Terry

    no charges will be charged because NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED!!! FREE SPEECH IS NOT ILLEGAL…yet, good job to the person who posted this SIGN, truth is TRUTH

    • Jeremy

      So much contradiction in this comment. So you think the writer of the sign has the right to express himself/herself, yet you agree with the premise of the sign, which asserts that others do not have the right to express themselves. So what you’re saying is that “rights” should only apply to those with whom you agree?

      • Alan

        So you don’t think people from other countries should assimilate, why am I not surprised. Then go on to ignore what U.S. laws state saying the U.S. needs to conform to their way of life. I thought the idea of coming to the U.S. was to get away from the country they didn’t like, not to come here and make this country a cr@phole like the one they left.

  • Steve

    Where are these outraged people about a cardboard sign when a muslim tells black men to kill 10,000 whites. Why arnt you outraged about that. I agree if you will not pledge allegence to this country go somewhere else.

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