Police investigating allegation that Chicago Public School teacher spat on third-grader

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CHICAGO —  Police are investigating allegation that a Chicago Public School teacher spat on a student.

Nine-year-old Daniel Marquez, a third-grader at Brighton Park Elementary told WGN it was near the end of the school day on Monday, December 7th when his homeroom teacher pushed him against a wall and spat in his face.

“She was yelling at me and then she stopped for a couple seconds and then she spit in my face,” Marquez said.

Tiffany Spaulding, the boy’s mother, was waiting outside the school to pick him up, and says she saw the spit on his forehead.

“It wasn’t a little bit of spit. It was like she really took a lot — to actually put a lot of spit on his forehead,” Spaulding said.

Spaulding called police.

“I got on the phone. I called the principal and I called the cops and I made the report. They made a report for battery,” Spaulding said.

Chicago police say they are investigating.

WGN is not naming the teacher involved.

A spokesman for the Chicago Public Schools said:

The district’s highest priority is the well-being of its students. We take allegations of this nature very seriously, and we are looking into the matter.

Spaulding says the teacher called her and left a voicemail saying Marquez threatened her.

Spaulding says she’s not yet spoken to the teacher.