Traveling this holiday season? Tips to help you ease the hassle of holiday travel

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MILWAUKEE -- The busiest travel season of the year is upon us and that means tons of families will be traveling together for the holidays-- and then spring break shortly after. Laura Schara of Funjet Vacations joins Real Milwaukee to help keep your travels with the family stress-free.

What to pack and what to leave at home:

1. Let older kids help pack their own carry-on luggage (but remind them that they`ll be responsible for carrying it!).
2. When going to an all-inclusive resort, most bulky items can stay at home. Many family-oriented resorts like Azul Hotels and Generations Resorts provide everything from bottle warmers to baby food.
3. Don`t bring beach toys. They`ll just take up space and the resort will have plenty of toys for use both on the sand and even in the rooms.

Plan for the travel day:

1. The resort may have everything you need to keep the kids entertained, but you still have to get them there, so make the fun start on the plane.
2. Wrap small packages of fun activities like coloring books portable mini games, Mad Libs, stickers, new books, App Store gift cards (older kids), and maybe a few treats or candy.
3. Bring healthy snacks for kids - and mom and dad. Good choices are string cheese, instant oatmeal, apples, granola bars, baby carrots, raisins and other dried fruit. Look for high protein.
4. Count on things spilling or accidents happening, regardless of your kids` ages. Adults spill, too! Pack extra underwear, a light, compact change of clothes for young kids, and a travel pack of baby wipes, even if you`re all diaper-free.

How to choose the right resort:

1. Resorts offer different things for different ages, from babies to teens.
2. Look for resorts that offer a range of menu options at the restaurants, for the picky eaters to gourmet restaurants for mom and dad to have a romantic dinner together.
3. Explore the kids and teens` clubs. The good resorts will have certified caregivers and plenty of activities for a range of ages. Teens clubs offer places for older kids to hang out, make friends and have fun with - and without - their parents.

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