Chip travels to Waukesha to learn all about Project SEARCH

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WAUKESHA -- 20 years ago a hospital in Ohio opened its doors to help train and employ people with disabilities. Now Project SEARCH has expanded to more than 300 sites throughout the world -- including a few right here in the Milwaukee area. Chip takes us to Waukesha to see just what Project SEARCH is all about.

Easter Seals of Southeast Wisconsin: Project SEARCH  Facts (website)

  • Project SEARCH is a nine-month transition program providing training and education to young adults aged 18—25 at two locations and adults 25-35 at one location.
  • Project SEARCH is another option for transition planning for adults with disabilities that will teach them marketable, transferable and competitive skills.
  • The ultimate end goal that Project SEARCH strives for is employment for adults with physical or cognitive challenges.
  • The cornerstone of Project SEARCH is total immersion into the business environment. Five days a week, partcipants report to the business to learn employability skills in a classroom, hands-on job skills while participating in a variety of meaningful internships and experiences within the business environment.
  • Each intern will have the opportunity to complete 3 internships lasting 10 weeks each over the program year. The internships vary from medical records (preparing charts/scanning), food services (preparation or cleaning) , surgical services (sterilization), emergency room (stocking carts/trays) and case management (clerical)

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