“Christmas obsessed:” Brookfield man invited to help decorate the White House for the holidays

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BROOKFIELD -- Putting up Christmas decorations is a favorite pastime for many people as it kicks off the holiday season. One Brookfield man got the experience of a lifetime when he was invited to help decorate the White House.

Collin Falvey

Collin Falvey

'Do what you love' is the approach Collin Falvey takes in life.

He's been sharing his passion for dance as an instructor for years, but it's his love for Christmas that's getting attention.

"I'm a little Christmas obsessed. You can ask any of my friends. At home I have three trees up right now," said Falvey.

Falvey began working as a decorator as a side job, then he learned about an opportunity at the White House.

"I came across a documentary during the holiday time of seeing how volunteers came and decorated the White House and it always stuck in the back of my mind," said Falvey.

After going through an application process, Falvey found out he was accepted to be a volunteer decorator.

Collin Falvey helps decorate the White House

Collin Falvey helps decorate the White House

"It was just so surreal. It was like you could feel the weight of the importance just walking through every room," said Falvey.

Falvey spent five days decorating about four of the 15 rooms that were part of the project.


He even met the First Lady, but was so excited he forgot to ask for a picture.

"I'm like 'oh thank you for having us. I helped decorated the Palm Room,' and she goes 'oh the Palm Room? My husband has been through that one already and he loves that room.' So just to hear a compliment from the First Lady? That's nuts on its own," said Falvey.

Although Falvey's keeping his day job as a dancer, he's hoping to step back into the White House to decorate again next year.

Collin Falvey helps decorate the White House

Collin Falvey helps decorate the White House

To see more of this year's holiday decorations at the White House CLICK HERE.


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