Landlord won’t return full security deposit due to damage; tenant claims damage is in another unit

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MILWAUKEE -- When renters move out of an apartment with the place in good shape, they expect to receive their full security deposit amount back. Of course, damage to the apartment can cut into the security deposit. But what if the damage is from another apartment?

Laverne Hicks

Laverne Hicks

In October, Laverne Hicks moved to a new residence. After living at 5253 N. 90th in Milwaukee, she gathered her belongings and resettled.

But she still has a matter to resolve with the folks who own and operate her former apartment complex.

"They had sent me this paper...stating the damages," said Hicks.

The document is from Berrada Properties Management. They're refusing to return her full deposit due to the damage.

"My security deposit was $745. They only sent me $244.50," said Hicks.

Laverne Hicks security deposit

Laverne Hicks security deposit

But Hicks noticed something when looking at the pictures included with the document.

My carpet in my apartment was not brown. My carpet was tan," said Hicks.

Laverne Hicks old apartment (right) vs. photo sent by property management officials (left)

Laverne Hicks old apartment (right) vs. photo sent by property management officials (left)

Then...something else.

"I had a balcony. This is not a balcony -- with a heater going across it," said Hicks.

And something else.

"I stayed upstairs on the second floor. How can you see grass and leaves from the second floor with a busted window?" said Hicks.

Laverne Hicks

Laverne Hicks

But a trip to the address shows the upper unit balcony -- and below it, a window with a break pattern, which appears to be very similar to the one in the picture property management officials sent Hicks.

Hicks says when she brings the matter to management's attention, they reassure her that it is her apartment seen in those photos.

When FOX6 News spoke with a member of Berrada Property Management Thursday afternoon, December 10th, they said Hicks simply needs to go to court. And that's exactly what she plans to do.


  • Jeff

    IF in fact this story turns out to be true, then she needs to take them to court and SUE them for 3 times the security deposit amount, tenants have rights also, and this MANAGEMENT company needs to be held accountable

    • rapper

      hey jeff tenants do have rights but if you look closely on the receipt there was $240 in late fees and where , those type of windows are very expensive to replace where ever it is, also thats not the same picture as the one she shows with different carpeting, if you look at the receipt she paid $180 in damages

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