Sex offender placement hearing: Officials in Fond du Lac Co. to bus concerned neighbors to Milwaukee

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Clint Rhymes

MILWAUKEE COUNTY/FOND DU LAC COUNTY — A Milwaukee County judge could decide next week whether a violent sex offender should live in Fond du Lac County.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services officials are trying to place Clint Rhymes in the Town of Eldorado.

People there say he should be placed in Milwaukee County — where he was convicted.

But he cannot be placed there.

Milwaukee has an ordinance that says sex offenders cannot be placed within 2,000 square feet of a school, park, playground or daycare facility.

Department of Health Services officials say that ordinance, and similar ones in Milwaukee-area suburbs forced state officials to look elsewhere.

A DHS spokeswoman says “in this case, DHS was unable to find an appropriate location in Milwaukee County. Therefore, the judge ordered DHS to expand its search statewide.”

Rhymes was convicted in 1988 of sexual assault and attempted murder. Rhymes raped his victim, and nearly beat her to death with a tire iron. The violent nature of the crime is why some neighbors are so upset.

Officials in Fond du Lac County are arranging to bus concerned neighbors to Milwaukee next Wednesday, December 16th so they can voice their concerns.

Rhymes placement hearing is scheduled for 11:00 a.m.