Thief on hoverboard steals energy drinks from grocery store without stepping foot inside

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LONDON — Police are hunting a daring, futuristic thief who robbed a grocery store — without ever setting foot inside.

The man was seen on CCTV stealing a multipack of the energy drink Lucozade while riding a fluorescent blue hoverboard.

The suspect entered the store in Mitcham, London, on a self-balancing scooter before gliding out moments later carrying a crate of bottles.

CCTV captured the incident on September 6th, but detectives only launched the appeal to identify the thief Thursday.

“He entered the store at 21:43 hours and took a crate of Lucozade from the drinks aisle, making off without making payment,” the Metropolitan police said in a statement.

Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service declared the use of hoverboards on public roads and footpaths illegal in October after the incident occurred.

The two-wheeled, self-balancing scooters are controlled by a rider’s shifting weight.

Self-balancing scooters are too dangerous to ride on the sidewalk and too unsafe to use on the road, according to UK guidelines.

They have also been outlawed in New York.

Back in August, rapper Wiz Khalifa posted videos allegedly showing him being handcuffed for simply using a hoverboard.