29-year-old man, accused in beating of bus driver back in 2013, expected to plead guilty

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MILWAUKEE — A 29-year-old Milwaukee man, accused in the beating of a Milwaukee County bus driver back in 2013 is expected to plead guilty in 2016.

Corian Morgan

Corian Morgan

Corian Morgan appeared in court on Tuesday, December 15th.

He is facing two felony charges: Substantial battery, intentional bodily harm, and battery to a public transit operator.

In court on Tuesday, Morgan and his attorney said they do not wish to pursuit a not guilty by mental disease or defect (NGI) in this case, and instead, a plea/sentencing hearing has been scheduled for January 8th.


Phil Rouse is the Milwaukee County bus driver who was beaten while on the job in this case.

It happened on May 8th, 2013.

“I wake up every morning hoping I just had a bad nightmare,”┬áRouse said after the incident.

Phil Rouse

Phil Rouse

As Morgan was exiting the bus, he allegedly punched Rouse repeatedly in the head, causing him to lose consciousness.

“I turn my head to say goodbye to the person leaving the bus, and see stars,” recalls Rouse. “I have a phobia right now of people coming up behind me.”

Rouse also suffered a concussion and now struggles with stuttering and memory loss.

Driver shields were installed in Milwaukee County Transit System buses after this incident.

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