Democratic Senator Dave Hansen apologizes for retweet of profane, derogatory message

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Senator Dave Hansen

MADISON — Democratic Senator Dave Hansen has apologized to “anyone offended” by his retweet of a message that included a profane, derogatory reference to Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Hansen said Tuesday, December 15th he was trying to share a tweet about new limits on political corruption investigations when he inadvertently posted the foul Twitter message that’s derogatory to the governor and people with disabilities.

Hansen says it’s not the message he wanted to retweet.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald on Tuesday called for Hansen to apologize, issuing this statement:

“Late Monday evening, Wisconsin State Senator Dave Hansen reposted a highly offensive and inappropriate tweet on his official twitter account, @SenatorDaveHans.

“I will be discussing Senator Hansen’s ridiculous and disgusting comments about the Ggovernor with the Senate Minority Leader. I have asked the state Senate’s technology services director to look into this matter further. In the meantime, Senator Hansen should apologize to the governor and his constituents.”

The tweet in question has since been deleted from Senator Hansen’s account.”

Below is the complete statement from Senator Hansen:

“While attempting to share a social media comment concerning new limits on political corruption investigations, I inadvertently retweeted a message that contained a foul and derogatory reference to Governor Walker and persons with disabilities.

It was not the post I intended to retweet, but it is my mistake and my responsibility just the same.

I apologize to Governor Walker and anyone offended by the remark. Although he and I disagree on many issues, I abhor the kind of language used in the original tweet. It is offensive, shows a lack of respect for our fellow human beings, Governor Walker and the office he holds and does not belong in civil discourse.”

The governor’s office had no immediate comment.

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