Exclusive: Kindergartners suspended for simulating sex at school; “Where was the teacher?”

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RACINE COUNTY -- FOX6 News has learned of shocking acts, taking place inside a kindergarten classroom. We have learned a half-dozen students have been suspended for simulating sex at school.

One student's grandmother tells FOX6 News the inappropriate behavior has been going on since preschool -- allegedly behind the teacher's back.

FOX6 News is not naming the school, or the student's grandmother in an effort to protect the children involved.

The details in this case are very disturbing.

"I couldn`t believe some of the things in that report. It was shocking," the grandmother said.

The grandmother of a male elementary school student in the Racine Unified School District tells FOX6 News at five years old, her grandson was pressured into sex acts by a female classmate during school hours.

"According to the report, this has been going on since 4-K. He`s now in kindergarten," the grandmother said.

According to this grandmother and documents she provided to FOX6 News, a female student told her mother what had been taking place in the classroom's coat closet. Two weeks ago, it was reported to school administrators.

"First they used words like 'having sex' and things like that," the grandmother said.

Simulated sex acts and inappropriate touching allegedly occurred in the open coat room adjacent to the students' learning space.

The documents show students said they would "pretend that they are putting their Legos away, and sneak to engage in the activity."

"Where was the teacher?" the grandmother said.

One student told officials it happened "every day."

Other students said the would "watch them do it."

In all, six students were involved.

This grandmother says all have been suspended for a month. She says the remaining dozen or so students in the class met with counselors to discuss what happened.

"The reason I decided to do the interview is so it doesn`t happen again. No child will be kicked out of school for something that the staff or the administration -- they should be on top of things like this," the grandmother said.

A spokeswoman for the Racine Unified School District declined to comment on camera -- telling FOX6 News over the phone that administrators are aware of the incident, and they're investigating. She says an employee relations investigation is also underway involving the students' teacher.


  • jim

    I am a little aback that they won’t name the school. I guess I understand, but I have 2 kids in unified one of which is in kindergarten.

    Not exactly a conversation I thought I needed to have with my 5 year old daughter.

  • WSpackman

    This is shocking but not for the reasons noted. Its shocking because humans are sexual beings from birth. Its a biological reality which is fundamental to our existence. As a functional human being, we develop over the course of our first 25 years or so based on experience acquired through interacting with the world around us. Fear and reward experiences have a deep impact on how the young brain develops. Empathy, aggression and anxiety are the products of these brain functions which are developed through genetic potential shaped by experience. What are we doing to developing children when we act as if a fundamental biological reality of their existence as a human is shameful? Installing this type of guilt and anxiety in a developing child is indefensible.

    • Opinion8d

      Seriously?? There is a thing call ‘appropriate’ behavior……this is not appropriate behavior for kindergartners to be engaged in. And this isn’t biologically driven behavior either -it’s something they’ve seen at home or on TV and reflects that lack of values in that household.

    • Nat

      Exactly! Why are these kids being shamed and punished for something they do not understand?? Teach them! What are these kids going to take from this?? That is what has me concerned.

  • 100%Nubian

    This type of behavior may be learned at home. It’s also possible that it was learned from peers, tv or Internet. It’s very important to get to the true source because our baseless opinions won’t help our children.

    • WSpackman

      How about instead go to inner city home and see what their life is actually like. You are railing against outcomes with no consideration whatsoever of what the root causes might be. That’s just small-minded bigotry. Imagine your family situation if your grandparents had been universally discriminated against; denied jobs; denied educational opportunities; denied decent housing; segregated like animals from the rest of society. BLM activists are human beings just like you and I. They want to live a safe, healthy and productive life. They want to have a decent home, provide opportunities for their children, experience happiness in among within their social network, stay healthy, and develop pride in the output of their lives. The frustration and emptiness caused by a lack of hope is not a BLM phenomena. That is the outcome of any human exposed to systematic oppression. do yourself and the rest of society a favor and go out and spend a week volunteering in an oppressed inner-city neighborhood. Do the work needed to understand what you are talking about before so cavalierly condemning and dismissing the fears and frustrations of others.

    • Amy

      You’re the one who’s clueless. You’re also very biased. We are not discussing violent acts such as hitting, cursing, and spitting. Were discussing this specific inappropriate sexual behavior. One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other. There are bomb threats, violence and inappropriate behavior in suburban districts as well. Don’t change the conversation by exploiting a particular group of people. Remain on topic.

    • Opinion8d

      @ WSPACKMAN -Spare me the liberal BS. MLK must be rolling in his grave right now to see what has become of all of his efforts. In the last 50 years, the lives of many blacks have gotten worse -and it’s not due to oppression or discrimination. They are not denied an education -the fact is you can’t even get them to take advantage of one. They have multiple kids with no family structure or parents. You have kids having kids which all leads to this type of behavior. I’ve been in inner city homes -they had more tv’s and electronics than I ever owned, kids half dressed and naked, while a few adults are chilling in the kitchen drinking -and this was early afternoon and the house was filthy. The fact is most are more concerned with their bling than taking care of their kids or providing for them. I’ve worked since I was 15 and many times multiple jobs to make my bills. And even though we had little money growing up, we got an education, had a clean house, and made something for ourselves. Anyone can do it -but if you start making excuses and expect handouts, you are doomed to failure.

  • bggv

    SO, “said teacher” didn’t realize that day after day – month after month – these SAME SIX kids were going into the SAME closet EVERYDAY. . . . and she/he didn’t become SUSPICIOUS? Then YES blame “said teacher”. For the very least not being alert to her classroom and students all the way to she probably knew and didn’t care for whatever reasons. Trouble students? ethnicity? poor?
    How many feasible answers could these young students have given for repeatedly going into and spending time in this closet since school started 4 months ago? Yet “said teacher” remained unconcerned…
    I just don’t buy it….

    As for parenting – all you have to do is go out into public and watch interactions between parents and children – You can pretty much tell which ones have the brightest futures. You can even tell when it’s just an extraordinary day because a parent who has just “snapped” at a child that usually doesn’t – that too shows in their actions and reactions.

  • Ahriah

    Our culture is pumped with sexuality and transgender, perversion, and child sexual obsession is a result. It’s all over the u.s not just MPS unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    I am not surprised! Considering one of the teachers in that school district ( special ED, Kindergarten) has a loooong history of DUIs, felony hit and run charges and spent 120 days in jail. Because of the Union and the district NOT caring enough about it, this “teacher” was able to go to the school and TEACH while in jail ….
    I do NOT understand the ability to maintain a job that should require professional, accountable, law abiding, respectful and mentally sane people. NOT drunks and drug addicts unwilling to get help.

    Just because the district “can’t afford” to fire the above mentioned offender and due to a tenure with the RUSD this teacher is STILL employed by the school. The teacher also has been arrested for BnE after assault while a restraining order was in place……
    So, yeah. This is sad but I’m not shocked at all. It was only a matter of time before someone said something to someone. You can NOT “teach” children when you are hungover, high or drinking during school hours!

    • kim

      I have grandchildren in racine school , if all you say is true then you need to give up a name to protect our children. And if you knew al this and did nothing then your morals are not intact either.

    • tina

      There is no longer tenure. If that individual is employed despite what you allege, you might consider why management retains him/her. Quite likely they can’t get anyone better after Act 10. SO go on with your teacher hating, but don’t lie, If you need to lie to make your point, then it’s not a valid point. There is no longer tenure or any kind of job protections. And while I’m at it, nice headline “where was the teacher?” I don’t expect my kids teacher to be in the coat closet AND the bathroom AND in every corner of the playground AND at the head of the class all at the same time. IF you want to pay for umpteen hundred more Aids in the schools contact the school board and they will dismiss your idea at once as costing too much.

  • Jennifer Sternitzky

    My guess is that one of the kids probably saw something they shouldn’t have (at home, etc) and tried to copy it, as kids tend to do when they don’t understand something.

  • shelley

    No doubt this is disturbing, however the quote from ‘a student’ said ‘ “pretend that they are putting their Legos away, and sneak to engage in the activity.”‘. That seems a bit coached on the verbage.

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