Governor Walker expected to sign bill that overhauls campaign finance regulations

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MADISON — The state Government Accountability Board is getting ready to implement changes to Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws.

Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign a bill this week that overhauls campaign finance regulations, including raising contribution limits and allowing corporate donations to political parties and legislative campaign committees.

The GAB voted Tuesday, December 15th to make technical changes to its internal rules to deal with issues the bill doesn’t address.

For example, the board voted to require committees to provide passwords for their bank accounts. The new legislation requires only the name and address of the account.

The board also directed staff to contact all registered committees and ask if their main purpose is express advocacy. Under the new bill, committees don’t have to register if their major purpose isn’t express advocacy.

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  • Mr. Smith

    I believe Walker to back anything that benefits his own agenda, at the sacrifice of all others. To include making running for office available to those who have the largest corporate backers. We don’t expect politics to ever be honest, do we?

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