One of two teens charged in shooting at transit center in Racine reaches plea deal

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RACINE COUNTY — One of two teens charged in connection with shooting that happened at Racine’s Corinne Reid Owens Transit Center in January 2015 has reached a plea deal in the case against him.

Lamont Koker

Lamont Koker

In court on Monday, December 14th, 18-year-old Lamont Koker pleaded no contest to one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide.

A carrying a concealed weapon charge was dismissed.

Koker will be sentenced on February 23rd.

16-year-old Naceir Mayes faces three charges:

  • Attempted first degree intentional homicide (use of a dangerous weapon)
  • Possession with intent to deliver THC (less than 200 grams, use of a dangerous weapon)
  • Felon in possession of a firearm

According to the criminal complaint, Koker and Mayes were members of a gang and wanted to talk with the victim, a member of a rival gang. They apparently planned to talk with the victim at the Racine Transit Center. Each brought a .22 caliber handgun with them.

Naceir Mayes

Naceir Mayes

The complaint indicates Koker and Mayes confronted the victim when he was sitting on a bench at the transit center. The victim “balled his fists as he started to walk towards Koker. Koker told Mayes to watch out.” Moments later, Mayes told police he believed the victim had a gun “and did not want to get shot. Mayes stated that he pulled out his gun and pointed it at the victim. Mayes admitted to firing his gun once with the intent to hit the victim. After he fired his gun, he pulled the trigger a second time, but it malfunctioned and did not fire.”

The complaint goes on to say, “Mayes stated approximately one to two seconds after he fired his gun, he heard a second shot come from where Koker was located.” Mayes told police after he heard the second shot, “the victim slumped over as if he had been shot. Mayes admitted to firing at the victim, but is not sure if he hit the victim or if Koker hit the victim with his shot, or if both of them hit the victim with their shots.”

After the shots were fired, the complaint says Koker and Mayes ran from the transit center until they were stopped by police. Koker is alleged to have tossed his gun off a bridge into the Root River during that time. However, because the river was frozen, the gun was sitting on top of the  ice — and was later recovered by the Racine County Sheriff’s Department Dive team.

The victim — a 17-year-old boy — was said to be in stable condition after the shooting.



  • Stfu

    once again we have young punks afraid to fight. When I was growing up things like this were fist fights and sometimes we even ended up friends afterward

  • Opinion8d

    The kid is a felon at 16 yrs old……again, not your typical families….. Lock them both up for a long, long time. Wait, didn’t Obama say that pot is just a low level, non violent type thing……

  • Fred

    Sure, another plea deal and a weapons charge dismissed. When are these liberal judges and D.A.’s going to start imposing stiff penalties on the cancer that is eating away at our society? They’ll be back out on the streets with a partial record of their true crimes plus a prison education on how to really terrorize the honest citizens.

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