Vintage Dodge Charger found in barn could fetch $180,000 at auction

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NEW YORK — For car collectors, it’s equivalent to finding a Picasso in the attic or a letter from Abraham Lincoln in their grandfather’s papers. A rare vintage car has been sitting in a barn for decades.

Next month in Kissimmee, Florida, a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona is set to go up for auction. The car has been sitting in a barn in Alabama for more than 40 years.There were only about 500 of the cars ever built. The Charger going up for auction still includes most of its original features, including a white wing spoiler and the original 440 Magnum engine. The car has only 20,553 miles on it and was running until about four years ago, according to a story about the car in Hot Rod magazine.

The car was originally purchased in 1969 by a local judge for his wife, according to Mecum’s auction site, which is handling the sale.

Hot Rod reports it was then purchased in 1974 by an 18-year old future anesthesiologist for $1,800. It was that owner who painted flames on the front of the car to trick it out before a trip to spring break in Florida.

That owner recently sold it for an undisclosed price it to Charlie Lyons, who runs a car restoration shop in Irvington, Alabama. It is Lyons who is the one selling the car at auction.

The car is being sold pretty much in the condition it was found in the barn, with peeling red paint, rust, and torn up bucket seats inside.

It is estimated to go for between $150,000 to $180,000, according to Mecum’s. A restored version of the same car was sold at a Mecum auction in January for $900,000, according to the auction house.



  • Gas Monkey

    If the car was sitting in a barn for the last 40 years how was it running 4 years ago? 40 years ago would be 1975. And only 25,000 miles. First what 18 year old has a car like that and does not drive it? And second why is it in should terrible condition if it was just sitting in a barn? $150-$180K for that piece of junk. It will need another $100K to restore it and where are you going to find the parts? I rather buy a kit car Cobra for $100K or restore a 1970 Mustang.

    • Fred

      It said the 18 year old that bought it in ’74 was a future anesthesiologist. Med school costs some pretty big bucks and back in ’74 gas was probably just as expensive as med school. The kid probably bought it for a last hurrah to take a trip for spring break and then got serious about life when he got back, parked it and bought a VW Bug to get around at school. I’m sure the body is pretty rotten but the motor and trans can be rebuilt. Any low production number muscle car with numbers matching original drivetrain will be worth some good cash. I don’t see $150K – $180K but something is only worth what another will pay……cool car.

  • Gas Monkey

    Since EVERYTHING on the car is going to need to be replace nothing will be original and there fore I see little value.

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