Struggling to lose weight? There are apps that can help you log what you eat

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MILWAUKEE -- Did you know research has found that people who keep track of what they eat and weigh on a regular basis are more likely to lose weight and keep it off? It sounds like a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be. Registered dietitian, Lisa Grudzielanek with Your Tasty Life, joins Real Milwaukee with some apps to make it easier.

Pros of Food Tracking

  • Creates undeniable mindful awareness
  • Provides accountability
  • Provides measureable metrics
  • Proven to help individual lose weight and keep it off

Cons of Food Tracking

  • Underestimating portions = inaccurate data
  • Initially can be time consuming to enter recipes
  • Makes it easier to eat more processed or boxed foods with a barcode
  • Increased stress/hyper-control over food intake
  • May focus solely on calories without respect to macronutrient or quality of choice

Food Tracking Apps

My Fitness Pal

 Lose It!

Key Features of Both Apps:

  • Extensive food databases
  • Barcode scan feature
  • Create “My Foods” or “Custom Foods”
  • Track exercise & integrate with other apps
  • Reminder logs
  • Peer based support and social aspect to motivate
  • Premium feature for additional cost with both apps

Before I Eat

Key Features of App:

  • Helps you manage urges, craving and eating behaviors
  • Cost is $0.99 Best $1 you can spend to help deal with eating habits
  • Each session walks you through specific tools to deal with urges or behavior (i.e. nighttime eating) as they occur.
  • Coached moments use a voice sound track and personal moments to jot down notes.


  • Many smartphones are equipped with a dictation feature that allows you to speak into them, and the phone will type what you're saying.

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