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“Where’s your teacher?” Eight children left inside daycare center alone, facility’s owner arrested

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HAVELOCK, North Carolina — A North Carolina mother says she found her son and seven other children locked inside a childcare center — with no employees in sight. Police say the daycare center’s owner lied to officers. She has been charged with child abuse.

Jessica Lewis has cell phone video she says was recorded on Friday afternoon, December 11th at the “Prince and Princess Play Date” on US 70 in Havelock, North Carolina.

Prince and Princess Play Date

Prince and Princess Play Date

She calls what happened a nightmare come true.

After getting off work early, Lewis says she arrived at the facility to find the doors locked, and the employee gone.

She then called police.

“When my son got to the window I said ‘where’s your teacher?’ He said she wasn’t there. She had left to pick up the other kids,” Lewis said.

Police arrived 15 minutes later.

The daycare center’s owner, 28-year-old Danika Edwards arrived shortly thereafter.

Lewis says Edwards offered her and police this explanation:

“She said she had an employee there, and that employee sent her a text message saying she had to leave because her mom was having a heart attack,” Lewis said.

Police say that was a lie — a fabricated story.

Police say Edwards intentionally left eight children, ages 11 months to seven years — alone. She’s been charged with eight counts of misdemeanor child abuse.

Brittany Walker, an employee at the daycare center, is defending her boss.

“The owner of this facility is amazing. She’s been doing this for years,” Walker said.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services officials say the “Prince and Princess Play Date” is not a licensed facility.

Lewis says she’s learned a lesson.

“Now on the number one list, question number one — Do you have a license?” Lewis said.


  • Ellen H.

    She’s been doing what for years? Neglecting kids and charging their parents for it? She’s 28. She hasn’t been doing anything for years and she’s far from “amazing.” She is negligent and a liar. Another nit wit who thinks she’s smarter than the police. Cops would of been taking her statement from her hospital bed had that been my kid. She’s not a professional and her employee should’ve been at the job not where ever she was when this math wiz ditched those poor kids to go to where ever she went. I bet she’s got a criminal record. That’s probably why she’s such a irresponsible drop in provided. I use that term provider very loosely. Parents beware!

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