Assembly committee approves bill that would strip repeat drunken drivers of licenses

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MADISON — A bill that would strip repeat drunken drivers of their licenses for at least a decade is moving forward in the Legislature.

The Assembly Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the bill Thursday. The vote clears the way for a vote in the full chamber. Asked about the bill’s chances, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’s spokeswoman said Vos will discuss with the GOP caucus what drunken driving bills lawmakers should take up before the session ends this spring.

Under the bill, the DOT would be required to permanently revoke the license of anyone caught driving drunk for a fifth or subsequent offense. The drivers wouldn’t be eligible for occupational licenses but could petition the DOT for reinstatement after 10 years.



  • Miller time

    Explain to me how taking away a persons drivers license is going to stop drunk driving? First it is against the law to drink and drive with a BAC over .08. If the offender must pay a fine and do jail time plus have their license revoked isn’t that enough? What ever happened to the punishment fitting the crime? MOST DUI’s do not involve a victim or property damage. Second: if the offender is going to break the law and drink and drive what is going to stop them from driving without a license? Now you have a whole other problem. Can these people who continue to drive without a license get insurance? I heard 20% off drivers NOW do not have valid drivers licenses and most do NOT get locked up for driving after being revoked because our jails and prison are already over crowded. Want to become like LA where offenders are released before they can even be booked? Third: As long as people drink they will drive. You can take their care and lock them up of 5 years in prison and some will still chose to drink and then drive.

    First drunk driving is NOT a crime in Wisconsin. it is the ONLY state where first offense is NOT a crime.
    Second you are allowed to drive after consuming alcohol as long as your BAC is below .08. And who really know what that magic number is or means. When will first offense become a crime in Wisconsin? How about driver remain 100% sober! Here we go again. Ever 5 years Wisconsin wants to get tough on “REPEAT” drunk drivers but does NOTHING to prevent people from drinking or driving in the first place.

    What are cabs so expensive? Why don’t buses run 24 hours a day? Why do the great people of Wisconsin consume so much alcohol? Here we go again. Another bandage that does not address the real problems. More lives will be lost and more people will be lock up in prisons. And in the end NOTHING will have changed.

  • Miller time

    What happened to those ignition locks? I have yet to see ONE. I guess they do not work do they? You have to pay to install them. I got a DUI and was ordered by the court to install one. I chose not to. laws only work if you chose to obey and follow them.

  • john..

    so if someone had 5 dui,10 years ago,and has not had one since you are going to pull his legal licence,for life !!!he might be able to get back in 10 years ?? no dought after you make him pay all sorts of cost, this is just another way for goverment to take your he is forced to drive work or ?? no bus, no cabs,in his now he will nave to sell his house ..what is wrong with this picture..

    • Brad

      None of these laws are designed for the people of WI, rather an appeal to the Federal Government for more funding. Wisconsin is a tavern state, if you bar hop you eventually drive. Everyone drinks and drives, the legislature does it, cops do it, private citizens do it, but if you are the one to get caught they want to penalize you like you’re the only one doing it…

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