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Cedarburg robbery suspect binds woman’s hands with wire, gets away with cash

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CEDARBURG — A woman is pushed to the floor and her hands bound with wire during a robbery that occurred at a local business near Center Street and Hanover Avenue Thursday evening, December 17th.

According to Cedarburg police, shortly before 6:00 p.m., a man walked into the business and a threat was implied.

Police say no weapon was displayed but a woman was pushed to the floor and her hands were bound with wire behind her back.

Cash was taken during the robbery which included several crisp $2 bills.

According to police, the suspect was last seen leaving the business and headed southbound on the bike path from Center Street.

The suspect was last seen dressed in black wind pants with a white stripe down the side, a black puffy winter jacket, a black face mask and blue or black gloves.

If you have any information regarding this robbery you are asked to contact the Cedarburg Police Department at 262-375-7620.



    If they DIDN’T mention race,the POS couldn’t of been White. Either way I hope they find him and shoot to kill!

  • MARK

    IS THE BAD GUY BLACK, WHITE, GREEN, OR PURPLE, DON’T YOU PEOPLE WANT TO PROFILE, MAYBE WE COULD FIND HIM?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    Wow u racist people are retarded it said he was wearing a face mask lmfao wow who cares what race the person is anyways as long as the ladies safe it shouldn’t matter don’t matter what u look like anyone can do anything lol but learn how to read better lol!!!!


    FYI if y’all live in Cedarburg good job making the town look racist n mean I thought people were nice out here damn guess I was wrong bout Cedarburg being so damn nice!!!!!

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