Hillary Clinton must choose how to address data breach in Dem debate

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WASHINGTON — Revelations that four members of Bernie Sanders’ campaign staff improperly accessed voter information compiled by Hillary Clinton’s campaign have shaken up the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

It is a development that has the potential to transform a sleepy Saturday night debate into something far livelier.

The question facing Clinton is how forcefully to confront Sanders about the actions of his campaign staff and whether to defend the reaction of the Democratic National Committee, which cut off Sanders’ access to the party’s voter database after learning of the breach — although it said access would be restored Saturday.

Clinton, Sanders and Martin O’Malley meet Saturday night in New Hampshire for the year’s final Democratic debate.


    • KarenRSilva

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  • unicorns and rainbows

    I’m sure the topic won’t even be mentioned tonight. The moderators at ABC (All Barack Channel) will be asking other riveting questions like: What’s your favorite color? If you had a unicorn what would name it? How are going to fix global warming? How do you plan to continue to vilify law enforcement? Are any other of you rubes a Grandma like our beloved Hillary?

  • Wilson

    I think that low-life POS hillary should get her own house in order rather than attack sanders. She needs to worry about her email issues and the sham foundation her and willie are running she is a C-U-N-T!!!

    • Wilson

      Jeanette, your comment tells us a lot about you. You are one of those lib dems who believes all of the BS your party is so adept at slinging. You are also the type of person who would cast your vote because she is a woman. You are obviously not very intelligent. Now go back in the kitchen where you belong!!!

  • Patrick Whiting

    Amazing! Hillary wants an immediate investigation. Of course she stalled for years about her being investigated. Every scandal she has been in (and they are many) she has played the stall game so they could delete, shred, and burn every piece of evidence against her that they could find.

  • Freespeechaspie

    Hillary Clinton is such an old tired looking candidate. . Same old junk. . Same false promises. Same BS. Same pant suit. Same smug look. Same narcissistic attitude. Delusion. Disgraceful. Disgusting. Go home Hillary. You look mean, bitter and don’t bring anything new or FRESH to this country.

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