Dense fog advisory issued for lakeshore counties until 10 p.m. Sunday

Driving in snow, sleet, freezing rain is tricky! WisDOT PSA likens it to skating on ice

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MILWAUKEE — It’s certainly tough out there on the roads on Monday, December 28th as snow fell, and that snow was eventually expected to turn into a wintry mix — with sleet and freezing rain possible.

A Winter Storm Warning took effect Monday morning for all of southeastern Wisconsin.

That warning remains in effect until 6:00 a.m. Tuesday.

For some, Monday was the first time this year that they were forced to drive amid a wintry mess.

The PSA you’ll see below from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation illustrates the importance of taking it slow when roads are slick.

The PSA, which was released back in 2011, shows “drivers” on skates on the ice — to illustrate what can happen on slick roads when people are distracted, or driving too quickly.

It seems in Wisconsin we all have to re-learn how to drive each winter amid the snow, the ice, and the freezing rain.

Take it slow out there folks!

The PSA is part of the Wisconsin DOT’s “Zero in Wisconsin” campaign — an effort to aim for zero deaths on Wisconsin’s roads.



  • molon labe

    See how in a trance he is? lol…You know you guys (DPW) are under the slack supervision of barely outta high school graduates right? The driver’s who some are also GED grads are just following orders from the top. Their knuckleheads follow orders from the top as well and so on. This is just another PUNCH IN THA FACE to the hard working tax payers of Milwaukee, who get NOTHING in return except bills, bills and bills. Gotta crack in your sidewalk that’s public–YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT, got a burnt out street light? SORRY, we’re putting in LED STREET lights around District 1. Need a crosswalk? Sorry, some, Alderwomen IGNORE YOU for MONTHS……until you catch them deleting an email you sent them WITHOUT being read!!!! These type of people see how F’N LAZY they can be compared to how much money they can make doing almost nothing. Seems like DPW is run by Uncle Eddie:

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