After Netflix documentary released, hacker group steps up to help free Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey

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MANITOWOC COUNTY — Less than two weeks after Netflix’s new documentary series “Making a Murderer” premiered, the hacker group Anonymous has stepped up with a promise to help free Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey.

Multiple people on Twitter, claiming to be a part of Anonymous, have made it their mission to prove the innocence of Avery and Dassey.

Steven Avery

Steven Avery

Numerous posts have pointed to evidence — possibly unexplored until now — that may have changed the outcome of the 2005 murder trial of Teresa Halbach.

Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey are serving life sentences for that crime.

The below tweets are a few examples of the attacks on Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department’s Sgt. Andrew Colborn and Lt. James Lenk.

Both officers — possibly involved in some deep corruption, depending on who you talk to — are subjects of the Netflix series and were involved with both of Steven Avery’s convictions.

Based on the social media posts, it appears that on Tuesday, December 29th, the group is planning to release an evidence list, which will allegedly include incriminating telephone records between Colborn and Lenk.

Colborn and Lenk are suspected of not only discovering evidence which would have cleared Avery of his sexual assault and attempted murder charge from 1985 (for which he served 18 years in prison before he was exonerated), but are also suspected of planting evidence pertaining to the 2005 Teresa Halbach murder case.

Steven Avery and Teresa Halbach

Steven Avery and Teresa Halbach

Their roles in Avery’s ongoing issues go very deep and the convenient timing of the 2005 murder investigation, in relation to Avery’s own $36 million civil suit against the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department has raised eyebrows.

Will this alleged evidence list Anonymous is planning on releasing help prove the innocence of Avery and Dassey?

Dean Strang — Avery’s attorney in the 2005 case — comments on Avery’s chances in an interview with The Cap Times:

“I think the realistic chances for Steven are slim but not vanished or nonexistent and I think they lie under the heading of new evidence, which would either be someone coming forward, someone admitting something, someone revealing a secret they’ve been carrying that would point in another direction or an advance in scientific testing so that the blood and the EDTA (discovered in Halbach’s car) can be revisited.”

With its twists and turns, the 10-part Netflix series has become an obsession for many.

Ten years in the making, the documentary follows the case of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man released from prison in 2003 after serving 18 years after DNA evidence exonerated him in a woman’s brutal attack.

Two years later, in the midst of a civil suit he filed over his false conviction, Avery was arrested and convicted of the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

Filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos focused heavily on what they feel was authorities’ railroading of Avery, and “Making a Murderer” has drawn comparisons to other true-crime projects including the HBO series “The Jinx” and the hit podcast “Serial.”

The series was released on Netflix on December 18th.

Netflix "Making A Murderer"

Netflix “Making A Murderer”

It has also drawn criticism.

Former Calumet County district attorney Ken Kratz was the special prosecutor in the case against Avery and his nephew. Kratz has reportedly received death threats from those unhappy about the outcome of the trials, and the Yelp page for his law practice has received so many critical reviews that visitors are greeted with an “Active Cleanup Alert.”

Ken Kratz, former Calumet County district attorney

Ken Kratz, former Calumet County district attorney

“This business recently made waves in the news, which often means that people come to this page to post their views on the news,” the alert says. “While we don’t take a stand one way or the other when it comes to these news events, we do work to remove both positive and negative posts that appear to be motivated more by the news coverage itself than the reviewer’s personal consumer experience with the business.”

Kratz told Fox 11 News in Wisconsin he felt the documentary was biased in favor of the defense.

“Anytime you edit 18 months’ worth of information and only include the statements or pieces that support your particular conclusion, that conclusion should be reached,” he said.

Manitowoc police have attempted to distance themselves from the cases, tweeting that “All of the cases referenced in the Netflix series were the jurisdiction of the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office.”


  • Lovely

    I believe he’s innocent!!! I hope he gets his freedom back and those involved in him losing his innocence have their time behind bars!!!

    • KarenRSilva

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      • Melanie Haynes

        This does not prove guilt with this line of questioning over and over telling the boy this and that its pur manipulation this is so un just and cruel and in my eyes should be ileagle no parent no lawyer no mental expert or education expert he is learning disabled the county should be sued for allowing this I can’t believe that a judge allowed this God help this boy !!!!!!!!!

      • Charlie (@charlie37h1)

        Seriously????? I’ve actually watched and listened to the interview(at the same time so i could judge body language and possible leading)and guess what….it changes everything that you read on paper!!!! It’s absolutely clear Brendan had nothing to do with Theresa’s murder. These cops are terrible interrogators at best and at worst they’re collaborators. He’s not a smart kid……he’s easily led by the cops to “confess” and it’s interesting he has no parent or lawyer there?? He thinks he can go home after this interview as well……does that sound like someone who could’ve cleaned up a crime scene SO AMAZINGLY WELL as to completely get rid of ANY of his DNA in Avery’s trailer? There wasn’t even Theresa’s DNA in the trailer!!! This case screams of CONSPIRACY!! And you may want to look into Mr. Zipperer’s statements because he’s the only one VERIFIED as having LIED to the police about Theresa Hallbach on that particular day. You can mark my words…..this case isn’t over. When all is said and done, more people (some unexpected) will be seeing the inside of a jail cell!

      • Brad Johnson

        Bob, you are an idiot, plain and simple. ANYONE who watched the Netflix series could easily see that Brendan Dassey would have admitted to being complicit in the Holocaust if that was the issue on the table. If his confession was true and they together slaughtered Teresa on the bed with blood pouring out every where why is it that there wasn’t a single speck of her DNA ever found in that cluttered and filthy trailer? Therein is the GLARING inconsistency. How do two people with I.Q.’s of 70 clean a crime scene so thoroughly? Even the garage would be impossible to clean up even if a high pressure sprayer and bleach were employed. Blood and tissue splatter from the gun shot(s) would have been every where. Have you ever watched shows on forensics? I have seen perhaps 100 where the guilty have sought to clean up the scene and EVERY single time they grossly failed, and I think that the majority of them were running on a few more cylinders than Avery and Dassey. Corruption came to Manitowoc and the police did what they always do, cover it up. It is a sad commentary on our society.

    • molon labe

      You are all missing the point, it’s not about the story, it’s about:
      The strategy of distraction–The primary element of social control is the strategy of distraction which is to divert public attention from important issues and changes determined by the political and economic elites, by the technique of flood or flooding continuous distractions and insignificant information. distraction strategy is also essential to prevent the public interest in the essential knowledge in the area of the science, economics, psychology, neurobiology and cybernetics. “Maintaining public attention diverted away from the real social problems, captivated by matters of no real importance. Keep the public busy, busy, busy, no time to think, back to farm and other animals (quote from text Silent Weapons for Quiet War ).”

      • Charlie (@charlie37h1)

        Trying to change a system that incarcerates innocent men and a country with the highest prison population in the world is fairly dynamic. The fact that we’re only talking about one particular case is irrelevant if it leads to popular reform for the silent majority……and as far as other issues, i think most of us can multitask!!

    • jose

      Neenh police just shot a guy two weeks ago ! He had a had a multi million dollar lawsuit against them!! And do not forget Manitowoc’s Finest did this to him in 1985! I think it is very possible

  • .

    Do you really think he’d be dumb enough to murder someone when he was about to become a rich man, there are bad cops that watch to much tv too and need to cover theirass.

  • ZachM

    Lol well what are you basing your opinion on if not the media coverage of the prosecution? You think 5 people about to lose their careers and possibly face criminal charges wouldn’t go to great lengths to eliminate a threat? Be more naive.

  • meshe

    After seeing her brothers interview when she first went missing I cringed, then after seeing his testimony makes me think he has something to do with her murder.

    • Marie Morris

      I believe that if the community really wanted the true guilty man and unviolenty leand on the ex-boyfriend and brother the guilty one would crack. I also believe if they went ahead and pulled those phone records from the cell phone company and checked out to whom was harrassing her right there in front of those people then it wouldn’t of been too hard to put two and two together.

    • dexter

      I agree, his first interview I was like “look at him he had something with it”, he was smerking at one point. For someone who just lost a sibling he didn’t seem to upset.

  • Mike

    Kratz told Fox 11 News in Wisconsin he felt the documentary was biased in favor of the defense.

    “Anytime you edit 18 months’ worth of information and only include the statements or pieces that support your particular conclusion, that conclusion should be reached,” he said.

    Exactly! This is exactly what he did to the Steven and Brendan.

    This dude is horrid.

    • Jac

      He was the District Attorney for the case, so that was his job. The defense job was to present their client’s side. The problem with the documentary is that ONLY info that makes the two look innocent is put forward and NONE of the incriminating evidence. Most of what is shown on the documentary would not be admissible as evidence any way.

    • JoseSl

      One thing is for sure: These cops, prosecutors and everyone else who did this horrendous injustice (and also those who allowed and agreed with that), one day will be in front of God and they will get what they deserve. They destroyed this man´s life, his family and left the real murderer free on the streets. I am a lawyer myself and I am horrified that in the years 2000 the “justice” could be so blind like it was 2-3.000 years ago like performed on those Roman Empire “trials” and so many others that they guy was guilty no matter what. Worst part is the people, that had seemed all that, had optioned only to close their eyes and vote: Guilty!

  • JDub

    How can it seem so obvious that he was framed, yet 12 jurors can find him guilty? This is an unfortunate disgrace to our justice system. The first straw poll of the jury had 7 innocent, 4 guilty, and 1 undecided? How does this happen? The corruption of Katz and the police involved is endless.

  • JDub

    At the end of the day, facts are facts, and the evidence, recordings, timeline, etc. do not add up. This is a story of corruption without limits that should concern every citizen of what is believed to be our free country. This story unfortunately makes us question that freedom.

  • skeptic

    Beware manipulation by “documentaries.” Most of them have a point of view. It was obvious early on that the point of view here would favor the defense, largely because it would garner more attention. All of your responses support that contention. I don’t know if Brendan is guilty or not (I certainly have my doubts), but I was troubled by the fact that the film-makers didn’t bother to tell us about what Brendan’s cousin had told the cops early on… that Brendan had been crying, losing weight and told her about seeing body parts in the fire pit and later about seeing Ms. Halbach in chains. Why wasn’t that in the early part of the story? My answer is that the film-makers didn’t want to reveal it because they wanted us to become convinced that Brendan’s confession was bogus. I thought it was bogus until I heard about the cousin, but I’m guessing that a lot of opinions were cemented well before that point. Don’t be sheeple, folks. Think for yourselves. We are always being manipulated by the media, just as Brendan may have been by the cops.

    • Viper1982

      Watching the video tapes, it’s quite plainly obvious that Brendan was coerced and almost force fed the information to the police. It also looks like this happened to his cousin Kelsey – as she admitted her statement to police was false, and she told them what they wanted to hear.

      Regarding the chaining to the bed, Brendan admitted that it came from a book – has this been examined? The documentary also explained how there was no physical evidence found at the alleged scene, no rope fibres on the bed, no DNA and no chain marks on the bed posts. The mattress was also not tested for DNA and there was no blood found in the room (this is where the alleged stabbing happened). If the police thought that Brendans testimony would have stood up in Stevens trial – the evidence would have been used. But it wasn’t.

      The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Faith in the judicial system has been rocked and a full honest independent enquiry should be undertaken to route out any unlawful police activity. The fact that officers involved in an impending court case became involved in the investigation, even though there was a blatant conflict of interest is frankly absurd. This in itself should have had both cases thrown out of court.

    • Brad Johnson

      Are you familiar with the legal system and the obligations of Brendan Dassey’s attorney? This scum bag was complicit with the D.A. in creating the false evidence that was used to put him away for life. Let’s assume that Netflix and the series creators became aware of just that one FACT. Would’t you be motivated to rectify this gross wrong? Of course it was favorable because it was abundantly clear that they were up against a very corrupt system that had 36 million reasons to put these two men away. Their insurance was not going to cover them and all of their savings and everything that they owned was rightly in jeopardy. Give me the access that they had to the crime scene and DNA evidence and I could have easily put them away with a much more convincing case that would have closed the door, wrongfully, forever. I am sickened by this and if they don’t get freed and compensated I will be shocked. This one is EASY.

  • Steven is Innocent

    Glad to hear people are turning around. The police, Manitowoc County, State, and taxpayers didn’t want to pay for his wrongful conviction so they threw a murder charge on him and the jury bought it. smh

    • JustSaying

      Oh my gosh! Sheeple! Wake up. You are Really going to base your opinions on a so-called “documentary” that was started as a “project” by two “film students”! What tape footage they got, they did plenty of editing to, you Only got to see what they wanted you to see, anything else didn’t fit into Their biased “agenda”.
      With all of the cutting and editing they did, heck, they could have even made Jodi Arias look innocent for God sakes!
      They WANTED to cause a Controversial mess with this. And they sold their idea to Netflix!
      Because of ALL the controversy now of course, and Netflix getting the heat for it, of course, they have “NO COMMENT”.
      And now of course, the nutcase hackers “Anonymous” have to jump on this band wagon too. Hopefully the ones who do catch the ones who make cyber threats etc. Catch the ones who claim to be part of Anonymous, and they can get their own jail cells too for all the hacking they do.

      • jack

        You do realize, of course, that on the stand Teresa’s ex admitted to hacking. He could be charged and convicted of a felony from that under oathe testimony alone. And should be.

    • RED

      I’m glad someone else noticed this… My wife and I noticed the lop-sidedness of this documentary… Yet, the defense made much more sens in their “common sense” approach. You could tell the prosecution was on the defense for themselves. You could see it in their eyes that someone was paying them all with big money.
      There simply was NOT enough evidence to prove the actual truth.
      The jury was a hideous joke…
      I feel so bad for the Avery family, and what the American justice system has made a complete debaukle of… the justice every family in America trusts.
      Great documentary !!!

  • hitler

    If he was found not guilty, he would then continue his 36 mill lawsuit. The County would have to pay that. I’m sure they are unable to pay that so this is why they framed him

    • Jac

      Tax payer’s are paying for his defense and all his appeals. Probably would have been cheaper to pay the 36 million. You did get the part where a person was killed, right? Most people would opt to pay the money than get involved in a murder or a conspiracy to frame someone.

      • Adam Raisch

        Unless they were worried about more dirt being uncovered! Once Steven had all of that money he would have used it to discover their corruption. Just think if they worked together to frame him then they were a part of something underhanded before the lawsuit was filed!

      • Jac

        Once Avery had all that money, he would have gone through it in no time. More leg shackles, guns. Should have waited to murder Ms. Halbach. He could have planned better with all that money and maybe got away with it.

      • jack

        Jac, false. He would have been guilty of the felony possession of a firearm regardless. Time served, would be the sentence, but I’m sure he wouldn’t bother getting any more guns. He would move away and never come back.

  • Jac

    Avery specifically requested Ms. Holbach come out to take pictures. He is the last person to see her. Her vehicle is found hidden in the Avery family salvage yard and her remains and the remains of her possessions are found in a burn pit near Avery’s house. So what…the cops or someone else tapped his phone and knew that a woman was coming out to see him and then they decided to way lay her, kill her and burn the body in his yard??? Kind of far fetched. No fences or gates around the salvage yard? Anyone can just drive in and hide something? What if someone had seen them and reported it? What if someone saw them drag her body onto Avery’s property and set it on fire, a hot, prolonged fire capable of destroying a body? If someone started a fire in my yard, pretty sure I would have noticed that night or certainly the next day-smoke, stench of a burning body!!! If the cops wanted to set Avery up, they could have set him up with drugs, stolen goods, killed HIM and made it look like a suicide, or just make him disappear. Any of those options would be easier to do than kill an innocent woman and/or try to pin this murder on him. If it was someone other than the police, how did the cops know without a doubt that they would not be overcome with remorse and confess? Or that iron clad evidence would not come to light that would point to someone else and everyone’s career (and freedom) would be at stake. How did this person know about the burn pit near Avery’s house and feel confident enough to take the chance to burn the body there???? This is Occam’s razor-the simplest, most obvious answer is most likely the correct one. Steven Avery had years to plan this and then he executed his plans and killed an innocent woman. It took two supposedly educated women 10 years to twist the facts into some kind of conspiracy theory that doesn’t exist.

    • Andy

      The only people saying that the cops killed her and framed Steven Avery was the prosecution. The defense said they were framing him and not looking for the real killer. The real killer is still out there. The only good thing right now is that the special prosecutor was kicked out of office becaus he’s a scum bag. He should be sued and prosecuted too.

      • Jac

        Wasn’t your basic bonfire. According to an Avery relative (Dassey’s mom, I think) the flames shot up over the roof of the nearby building. It was a huge fire that also contained the back seat of Ms. Holbach’s vehicle.

      • Jac

        Bonfire contained several tires. Looked this up. Tires take a sustained heat to ignite but then they burn very hot for a very long time and it is hard to put them out. So it would have been possible to burn the body down to small pieces. Theresa’s remains were found within the metal wires left when a tire is burnt. Tires were easily available from the salvage yard. If he wanted a bonfire, why not just burn one tire?

      • Brad Johnson

        I believe that they should test the charred remains of Teresa and other items found in the burn pit. If she was burned there then there should be evidence of the tires and other items having been burned with her in the pit. I think that she may have been burned elsewhere and the remains brought to the Avery property.

    • Ben

      Your, they what dragged the body to his fire pit and lit her on fire is way off base. They defense says they burned the body elsewhere and placed the bones in his firepit. Still the cops would have to be staking his place out to know he had a fire then burn her body then bring the bones there seems also a little far fetched. I wonder though why most of the bones where at the Avery pit and just a little were at the quarry. Mabey he could only find the bigger peices.

      • Trump/Cruz 2016 (@KnoxMediation)

        I guess Avery didn’t notice the murderer throwing her body onto his fire. Must have happened while he was in the golf cart looking for more tires and brush to burn. I wouldn’t notice a body thrown onto one of my bonfires either. Easy miss

        I don’t believe the nephew had squat to do with Avery’s crime. The cops obviously led him into that pathetic “confession”

    • Charlie (@charlie37h1)

      “He was the last one to see her”…….actually, not necessarily. If you look at Mrs. Zipperer’s statement she saw Theresa come to her property to take pictures but NEVER saw her leave. Mr. Zipperer is reported to have become “belligerent” when asked about Theresa Hallbach and even lied to having seen her on the day she died. Now reports are he tore down his perfectly good garage when Zellner took Avery’s case back up…….hmmm, kinda strange people!!!

    • Brad Johnson

      Your entire premise is false. Have you ever heard of a straw man tactic? That’s how you operate, Jac. First you present this scenario of the case that no one has suggested, which is patently full of ridiculous ideas, and then you tear it up like some super sleuth. Here is a very reasonable theory of how this murder and framing of Avery could have come about. Theresa goes missing, officer Colborn finds her in her car dead, and he and other members of the Manitowoc Sherriff’s dept have a 36 million dollar problem. How else did Colborn call the dispatch and KNOW not only the license plate number but also the year and make of her vehicle? This is a golden opportunity to put Avery away, whom they may actually suspect because most people would agree that he is an unsavory character. Conveniently they see Steven Avery burning debris in his fire pit, which is a very common occurrence for people who live in the country. They also know that Teresa’s last stop was at the Avery property and it won’t be hard to get a search warrant at some point to go on the property. They cremate the body not really thinking about saving DNA from the skin, blood, etc., and dump the bone fragments in his fire pit. There goes your extreme conspiracy crap about the police, with so many options to rid themselves of Avery, choosing to murder this poor woman and pin it on their problem child.

      With that very reasonable scenario acting as the catalyst you and the blind individuals who embrace his guilt have a whole lot of problems to resolve. If the above scenario is how it began, or something similar to it, the set up explains everything. Why is there no DNA evidence found inside this cluttered trailer from a woman that we can only presume didn’t simply surrender to leg irons and handcuffing to the bed, who was slaughtered with a knife having her throat cut, etc.? Why was there no DNA evidence in the garage after she had been shot which would have sprayed blood and tissue all throughout the items inside? Why was her car stupidly placed at the edge of the salvage yard where it could be so easily discovered. Surely Steven knew that Auto Trader would have a record that she was going to their property and that the salvage yard would DEFINITELY be searched? Why would he have the keys to her car lying on the floor of his trailer home? Tell us who Steven Avery is! Is he the sophisticated criminal with an I.Q. of 73 who cleaned up an impossible crime scene (I have watched a lot of shows on forensics where there was an attempt made to clean up a crime scene in a much less complicated situation and NEVER has anyone succeeded), or is he this bumbling fool? You absolutely cannot reconcile the facts of this case with your premise but it all fits together nicely with this one.

      Police corruption is well documented. In Manitowoc it clearly existed. Free Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

  • Boots

    In small towns, everyone knows everyone… Somebody knows who really did this and is scared to speak up because it will happen to them. Brendan and Steven are the fall guys. These poor men need to be freed. It’s so sad that our system continues to let the guilty free and lock up the innocent. #FreeDassey #FreeAvery #GuiltyUntilInnocent

  • Will

    A list of names of all of the people involved should be published. Let them be seen for who they really are. Use social media to call them out, draw attention and make sure they never are put in a position of power (or employed) again. How do they sleep at night. Run and hide – the good people of the world will be coming for you scumbags…

  • Jennifer

    I don’t know if he’s guilty or not but I personally believe that that county and none of its residents should have been residing on that jury or had anything to do with the case it was to televise and too many people out there that knew about it to ever give him a fair trail but in my opinion he was innocent

  • AMAC

    To many holes in this case and sloppy police?I e work. Did anyone suggested or consider giving the nephew a psychological examination to determine if he understood the seriousness of his situation?

  • Kate sherratt

    What a shocking and upsetting documentary. To me they both seemed inocent and the police exceptionally guilty of corrupting evidence.
    Wish I could do something more. Shocked!!!!!

  • Jac

    This is just two women who wasted 10 years beating a dead horse and then decided to try to get 15 minutes of fame by rewriting history. Netflix would not be interested in a documentary that laid out all the evidence and showed these two were guilty-the jury already did that. So leave out the evidence, tweak this, sprinkle a little fairy dust and they get a deal with Netflix for 10 segments. This could be done with any murder case-just selectively choose what to bring up. Steven Avery is not some misunderstood hero. He doused his own cat with gas and threw it in a fire, ran a female cousin off the road and then tried to force her into his car at gun point and only let her go because a child was in her car.

    • I See

      Where’s the blood evidence from this supposed heinous crime? That’s all I have to say. Justice is definitely blind.

      • Jac

        Obviously a premeditated murder or there would have been blood evidence somewhere. So Avery does test runs by getting Ms. Halbach to come out and take pictures several times. Then he buys leg irons (that is fact), rope and probably put a tarp, bin, or some other blood containment device in his garage. An old mattress on a large tarp would work. Cover carpet and mattress in bedroom also. Bagged it all up and burnt it along with the body, camera, purse, cell phone and BACK SEAT of her vehicle! A relative (Dassey’s mother, I think) said the flames were leaping above the roof of the building. So if Avery and Dassey weren’t burning a body, why the huge blaze? No huge blood scenes found anywhere else either. Or it is just a big coincidence that the sicko bought leg chains and had a huge bonfire the night someone is murdered and he is the last person to see her alive?

      • mind changed

        I also thought, where the blood at? I also thought they were not guilty. But then i read the kids confession all 150 some pages… he says they clean it up with bleach gas and something else . (This still doesn’t say how there is no high volocity spray) however he does say he had blood on his pants and the cops have those pants. They might have got samples done and proven it but that’s just it the show is not and did not show alot of stuff just so we all think they are inicent

      • Jac

        Again, Avery planned this murder. Place something over her like a rug, pillow or something and stab and shoot thru it and that would take care of the blood splatter. Do it over a tarp, plastic, whatever and just roll it all up and burn it in a massive fire that reached over the top of the house. Someone said the body had to be cremated. So now there is some crematorium involved also? Ridiculous!!! Use an accelerant to doss the body and rest of the stuff and burn hot and long. Dassey’s confession said that Avery used a shovel to break up the bones and kept burning them. The sicko planned this for a long time and had what he needed on hand ready to go.

    • Ben

      So he is smart enuf to do all that premeditated things you were talking about but not crush the car with the on site car crusher just covered the car with a few branches. After all that thought you say he put into the murder just covers the car with some branches. I’m not sure his is innocent but think about that a little

      • Jac

        Avery thought he was smarter than he is. He called to ask why Theresa did not show up to take pictures. He thought that would make them look elsewhere and give him time to get rid of the vehicle at a safe time. Crusher makes a lot of noise and would not want to run it at night, and make family or anyone else wonder what the heck was going on, plus he had a body to burn. So wanted to wait til he was alone in the salvage yard during the day, crush the car, stack it somewhere out of the way and he was home free. Except people on the school bus saw Theresa at Avery’s house and people looking for her asked one of the other family members if they could look around for Theresa’s vehicle in the salvage yard. Family member says go ahead and they find the vehicle before Steven can crush it.

      • Brad Johnson

        Excellent response! Avery is so smart and skilled at covering up this complicated rape and murder but he leaves her vehicle on his property. I had to stop and laugh again! And why didn’t Brendan mention this tarp and mattress and all of the other items Avery supposedly employed in his sophisticated attempt to get away with this? If that woman was ever in that trailer walking down the hallway, in that bedroom, sweating, bleeding, shedding hair and dead skin cells, some of it would have been left behind. Did they bleach and pressure wash the inside of that cluttered trailer? And if the immense effort was made to find evidence inside the trailer never found even a single trace of her DNA, making it clearly impossible that she had ever been in there, then why was everything else Dassey said still considered to be truthful?

    • Ben

      I think that they made this documentary because he served 18 years in prison found innocent then only what 2 or 3 months later is in jail again. The directors were interviewed on NPR and asked if they thought he was innocent they said they had no idea that’s why they think its a good story. I kind of think he is guilty and I really hope he is if he is innocent than the real killer is still out there and those who framed him don’t care. And the rest of his life will be spent in prison.

      • cassigallegos

        To all those saying that this documentary was “one-sided”, you’re obviously no different than the jurors that decided Brendan and Steven were guilty before getting all the information. The documentary showed both sides quite thoroughly, especially when it came time for the trials. And to all of those that are taking so much time to leave your “Steven is guilty” opinion all over the internet, do everyone else a favor and shut up. Because that’s not the point, the point it that both of these men (one of which was a CHILD when this began), have had their lives stolen by the Manitowoc Police Department, and when there was a chance to correct certain injustices, this country’s judicial system failed over and over again in helping these young men. Former DA Kratz, Judge Fox, Investigators Weigert and Fossbender, Investigator O’Kelly, James Lenk, Andrew Colburn, and so many others….. You are all hugely disappointing, abhorrent, crooked men. Not only for the initial wrong doing that each of you committed- but for being unable to admit the wrong doing or admit to the collective suffering caused to the Avery family by all of you. Combined, you have destroyed lives, and you did so to protect your own career or to propel your own agenda. There is no justice here.

      • Jac

        So we can’t trust any cops, judges, DA’s, 12 person juries (cause either they “ignored” evidence or were threatened-depends on who is talking), crime analysts, defense attorneys (cause they failed too), Brendan Dassey (cause he can be made to say anything sorta like a parrot apparently), any evidence (because everything is planted) but we can trust two women with an agenda, a Netflix documentary and Steven Avery. Sure.

      • Melinda

        I think most people will agree that our police and government officials are there to protect us. There’s just something really wrong with the authorities there and their methods

      • C. R. Krieger

        CASSIGALLEGOS: NOT the “Manitowoc Police Department”! Both crimes depicted in this series took place miles from the City of Manitowoc and the Manitowoc Police Department (MPD) had nothing to do with either case except to attempt to convince the sheriff and DA that Avery was the wrong person in 1985. Otherwise, both crimes took place in the jurisdiction of the Manitowoc COUNTY Sheriff’s Department (MCSD). You look foolish being outraged at people who had absolutely nothing to do with what you’re outraged about.

    • JustSaying

      Plus when he had punched and choked his girlfriend. She called the cops. Steven choked her, and pulled her out of the house to get both himself and her away from there Before cops got there. As he was driving down the road, cops were already on the way, pulled them over, took the girlfriend out of the car, asked her what happened, she told them, she still had all the visible marks on her, they arrested him. He was warned to stay away from her for three days while she moved. When she did leave Steven, she only took one duffle bag of clothes for herself, and her daughter’s things. When she tried to get the rest of stuff, she found out Steven had burned all the rest in his burn barrels and burn pit.
      She also stated Steven had told her “All b*tches owe him, because of the one who got him locked up for 18 years, so he can do anything he wants to them.”
      Steven is NOT the pathetic “victim” he makes himself out to be.

  • tana

    Anyone who douses an animal with gasoline and throws it to the fire is capable of murder. This is common knowledge. Once all appeals were exhausted, he should have confessed in order to save the life of his nephew. Deplorable at best.

  • courtwatcher

    He is GUILTY!! He poured gasoline on a cat and lit it on fire to watch it burn!! You dont think hes capable of raping and murdering her?????? Who the hell else did it then, when HE hid the freaking car…. Pop a clue people!

      • courtwatcher

        It has already been proven!!! There was sooo much evidence against them . Read the court transcripts judge and think for yourself… dont go off of some onesided story on freakin Netflix before you go pettitioning to have someone already convicted released from prison.

      • Jac

        already been done. Two juries of 12 persons each found the evidence damning enough to vote guilty and no new evidence has been enough to grant a new trial during the appeals process by either defendant in front of different judges. I can see a crooked cop and judge , but I can’t believe every cop and judge in the state is crooked. Basically the district attorney-dirt bag that he is-did his job, which was to provide evidence of guilt. Not his job to provide a defense. Witnesses gave their stories and 2 separate juries voted-24 total guilty. Not one of those 24 has come forward til now to say they were threatened, coerced or tortured into voting that way and it was their responsibility to come forward if there was a problem. Now when public sentiment is swaying, someone comes forward? Shakey.
        Did Ricciardi and Demos come forward during the 10 years of making this “documentary” to help lawyers with the appeals process by providing any new evidence? Probably not because they are film students not lawyers and they were looking to entertain not give an unbiased view of this case. Bingo, Netflix deal.

    • JustSaying

      These people would rather believe what they see in a completely onesided, and edited so-called documentary made by who were just two film students with a biased agenda, who eventually sold their controversial idea to Netflix than to the actual court documents and evidence. Of course Netflix is now getting the brunt of the negative feedback, and has “NO COMMENT”. Typical.
      In the meantime, they continue to “idolize” a murder, and to totally mock the murder of Teresa Halbach. The Only victim in the entire case!

    • Brad Johnson

      These people who stand by the Manitowoc mafia are willfully blind. You’re talking to sheep who will eat your purple poo if it is packaged in a blu uniform.

  • Steven hamill

    Anyone whom believe s that they did do it are as bad as the state it’s a total disgrace what has happened to Steven and Brendan The Wisconsin state law are SCUM and should be ashamed of thereselves. TOTAL DISGRACE .

  • Jac

    Of all the stuff in this movie of the week, this is what upsets me the most. Use one-sided story telling and a few seconds of film to put suspicion on the VICTIM’S family?? If her brother were so upset with Theresa as to premeditate her murder, there would be someone, somewhere who knew about it, witnessed a huge argument, noticed the animosity between them. Did the Defense find anyone? Nope, nada, none, cause that would have been motive and would have made it admissible. Her brother (or ex) would have had to follow her to Avery’s, way lay her when she left, take her somewhere isolated, kill her, get her remains into Avery’s burn pit, and hide her vehicle in the salvage yard. All in the dark, in an area he was unfamiliar with. (sunset 4:41 pm and bus driver saw her at 3:45 pm At Avery’s trailer) How would he know Avery even had a burn pit or that it had been used recently? How did he know how to get to the burn pit lugging cremains without anyone seeing? How would he have known how to get into the salvage yard, at night and find a spot to leave the RAV4? If he was on such bad terms with his sister, someone in their family would have known it, yet they make him the family spokesman. He acted “weird” at times? His sister was murdered and mutilated by a creep he had to face in court! If you are going to make a fairy tale out of someone’s murder, leave their family alone unless you have concrete proof that they did something. This just shows the rotten core of two women who would have exploited their own mothers to make a name for themselves. Disgusting!!!!!

      • Jac

        You get a few seconds of edited film from all the media bites, trial tapes, whatever slanted the way the film makers wanted them slanted and make decisions that don’t follow the evidence. His sister is horribly murdered and suddenly there are cameras in his face every time he sneezed. Could be just a little disconcerting. Had a cousin who was murdered while on a camping trip. It is like a hurricane hitting a house-the very structure is changed forever. My uncle never recovered from it. And Avery is Charlie Manson crazy.

  • Steve

    These verdicts and unsuccessful appeals for both suspects makes a very strong argument for a pervasive lack of intelligence in the State of Wisconsin. How could 1 out of 12 people not have a reasonable doubt in this case? How could the Appeals Courts feel comfortable with denying these appeals and refusing to listen to them? America it’s time to intervene on behalf of these two citizens Wisconsin doesn’t have the intelligence or the willpower to do what’s right.

  • JustSaying

    The “film students” yes, that’s what these two women were when they started this “project”, because as one of them had stated “murder stories and murder trial stories sell”.
    They have done nothing but mock the death and murder of Teresa Halbach who is the ONLY victim in the entire situation.
    They did interview people, who when afterwards then asked not to be put in the “documentary” and even admitted they lied. (because it was in pro-Avery under duress) These women used the footage anyway. Now these people are coming forward after the release of the Netflix documentary, and setting the record straight. It was all So one sided, and it certainly didn’t show Anything about the “true” Avery, nor did it show any of the REAL evidence against him to show him as being guilty! These two women had an agenda, it was biased, and wanted to cause this controversial uproar. And Netfix bought it, and gave them their platform! And of course, Netflix is turning a tidy profit from it. Yet of course, when asked about the documentary, Netflix has “No Comment”. How typical.
    Avery is guilty, nothing is going to change that fact.
    As for Brendan Dassey, I do believe he was there, I do believe he participated, but he did it at the orders of his Uncle Steven. Dassey was manipulated by Avery to take part in the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach.
    There is too much evidence, that could not possibly have been planted by law enforcement or anyone else. For there to be the kind of conspiracy that Avery claims, it would require two counties to be in on it, forensic labs, and even the telephone company. And Steven would have to be claiming that police killed and burned Teresa Halbach.
    He’s insane!
    Even his now ex girlfriend has now come forward and admitted she lied back then. And she believes Steven is guilty. And she has even shown letters sent to her by Avery since he’s been in jail, where he threatens her, if she won’t do the things he wants her to do.
    She has moved again, so he can’t have contact with her.

    As for “Anonymous” members they’re just an online hacking joke! Hopefully one day they will get caught and all be sitting behind bars too!

  • Amanda Browning

    What is wrong with everyone? Get off your butts and read all the transcripts, examine the evidence, and form your own opinion. Quit relying on a television show in order to gather the information. Steven Avery is GUILTY!! The only miscarriage of justice here is the fact that Wisconsin does not have the death penalty. I have followed this case for over 10 years. Everyone wants to hop on board the “Making a Murderer” documentary train. Why form your opinion based on someone else’s opinion? I hope that this nonsensical TV show does not release a man who took the life of a beautiful woman. May Teresa Halbach rest in peace.

    • Jac

      People need to also listen to the avery’s ex-girlfriend’s interview with Nancy Grace. Also read the letter avery wrote her from prison. He is scary and even though Jody has her problems, no woman deserves to have some creep sending them threatening letters. The actual letter in avery’s handwriting is available on fox6 posting today (1/18/16)

  • Jac

    May be “coincidence” or “circumstantial” but here is what I have problems with when you add them all together:
    *avery calls Autotrader to have “that girl that was out her before” come out again and leaves his sister’s name
    *Ms. Halbach leaves message on Barb’s machine that BARB needs to call back or Teresa will not come out (should have followed thru and not gone)
    *avery uses *67 two times to block his number on Teresa’s phone but not the third time which is 2 hrs. after she arrived -why did he call her if she had just “left” to leave a “where are you” message?
    *Last time anyone sees Teresa, she is with Avery. Nobody can say they saw her or her vehicle leave. Avery is the last person known to see her alive.
    *avery picks THAT night to have THAT big a bonfire-at least 5 tires, a cabinet and a van seat.
    *Site of fire is next to a vicious, barking dog that lunged at officers and kept them from examining that area for days. Hard to see how someone could have “snuck” in a body or remains, entwined them in the wires from the steel belted tires and the dog not alerted someone.
    *someone “framing” him would have to know about the bonfire THAT night
    *avery purchases leg and arm shackles just weeks before murder. He says they are so he and then fiance Jody can try something new. Only Jody has been in Jail for DWI since August and won’t get out til February. Why does he get shackles THEN-after Jody has been in jail at least a month and has 5 or 6 months to go?
    *Calls for Teresa to come take pictures become more frequent after Jody goes to Jail
    *Ex fiance Jody says that avery stalked her. Spied on her at work and even is caught looking in the windows there. She goes to jail in August. Teresa says she feel like someone is stalking her in the months prior to her murder. Hmmm?
    *avery rearranges his bedroom in the days following the murder. In 25 years of marriage, my husband has only moved furniture when I ask, and he is not happy. avery does not seem like suzy homemaker. Why move his bedroom around just at the time someone goes missing? What is he trying to hide?
    *someone was trying to eradicate Ms. Halbach’s body, not frame someone. Only 1 bone had a small amount of tissue from which DNA could be obtained. The intense fire destroyed the DNA in all other bones. Dental identification came down to the root structure of 1 tooth and that had to be pieced together. All other dental structures too badly burned to be used in identification. If someone wanted to frame avery, they would have wanted some evidence of her body. A couple more tires on the fire and she might well have never been positively identified or possible found at all.
    * if a “framer” had her body, got by the dog to put the remains in the fire pit, why did they not save some blood or hair and plant it in the garage or trailer? Couple drops of blood or strands of hair in garage, or on door jam would hardly be noticeable in the messy place. Easier to get her blood than it would be to get avery’s from the evidence room.
    *why does avery have brendan help him clean a “redish” stain in the garage THAT night? They use gas, paint thinner and bleach. The garage was a mess-what stain could be so important he made a special effort to remove it that night?
    *other than the burn pit the only other place Ms. Halbach’s remains were found were in one of the four burn barrels behind Brendan’s house. The contents were seized before Brendan was even on the police radar screen. How does that location “frame” avery?
    *How would the “framer” know avery even had a gun? He was a felon and not suppose to have one.
    *avery has a history of violence against woman-ran woman off road and pointed gun at her. Wrote death threats to wife while in prison. Accused of rape by 2 women (one a minor) and threatening to kill their families if they told (a year before Teresa gets murdered). Battered Jody, fined and removed from house for 3 days. Threatening letters to Jody while in prison
    *RAV4 is found Nov 5th with avery’s blood in it, taken to crime lab in Madison. He is not examined for wounds until Nov. 9th-what if he didn’t have any wounds that could have dripped blood between Oct. 31 and Nov. 5th? Quite a risk for the “framer”

    This is not the person portrayed in MAM. This is a man capable of murder, who had mode, means and opportunity. The idea that he was framed seems to require a lot of prior knowledge of avery’s actions the night of Teresa’s disappearance, knowledge of Teresa’s schedule and movements that day, a lot of planning and an awful lot of luck.

  • Larry, Darryl & Darryl

    When you watch the documentary one thing stuck out to me. In Brendan’s taped interrogation he later spoke with his mom on the phone and she was grilling him on why he wasn’t telling the truth. Brendan says something to the effect of “he’s bigger than me”. It is unclear, it seems you are to believe that he is referring to Steven, when in my opinion he is referring to his older brother. His voice distinctly changes at the very moment I’m referring to. When you talk about your brother or sister you can’t help but have some type of emotional response. I am a smaller, younger brother myself, have been for 35 years. While I was never intimidated by my older brothers as I am suggesting here, I can easily imagine an older brother suppressing information by intimidation. Are we to believe that Steven was beating on Brendan or intimidating him physically, or was it an older sibling, someone who ostensibly had carte blanche to beat up Brendan. To me its clear as day the utterance I’m referring to is that of a head shy sibling. I’m not saying who did what, but if I were investigating the case I’d wiggle on that branch a bit more, as the story wasn’t very consistent to begin with. In my mind this scenario explains perfectly Brendan’s behavior as seen from the point of view of the documentary. On one hand he is protecting his brother and on the other he is attempting to protect his uncle. You can’t do both, so he is caught like a deer in the headlights, all the while being taken out of context and exploited by detectives, investigators, his own attorney, and the judge.

  • Jackie

    There are a lot of very uneducated , gullible and weak-minded people that will believe ANYTHING they see in a false and made up documentary. They would believe in mermaids, unicorns and fairies if someone made a Nexflix doc. about them!@ The fact is these two MONSTERS are guilty as sin! The admitted to everything and everyone around here knows that they in fact raped, murdered, dismembered and burned the body of this poor girl. Lots of ignorant conspiracy theorists and sheeple out there in this world.

    • Charlie (@charlie37h1)

      You’re right. There are sadly many uneducated, weak minded, gullible, narrow minded people who buy into news sources such as Fox, Nancy Grace, and the like. Unfortunately most of these gullible primarily older people (over 55) don’t yet understand how to verify aspects of certain cases by navigation of this useful tool called the internet. The fact that these two are INNOCENT as angels is apparent now to even the most “toddleresque” of sleuths. Steven Avery admitted to nothing other than his innocence and poor Brendan was coerced by over zealous police. What’s worse is Hallbach’s killer is still out their enjoying their freedom while an innocent man sits in jail, again!! Lots of ignorant sheeple in the world that digest all their information from one source…….yes Jackie, sad indeed!! I would look into Mr. Zipperer, Theresa’s true murderer……..and when i’m proven correct will you please do me the favor of finding the nearest bridge to jump off, thanks so much. Sincerely, humanity!!

    • Brad Johnson

      Yes, Jackie, do the bridge thing. If you embrace evolution, as I suspect you do, the herd will be wiser due to your gene pool being eliminated from the breeding stock.

  • Bert

    This might be the same as OJ case. When I first watched I thought he was innocent but then I learned of the sweat they found on the hood. How did that get there? Why did he call her twice using star 67? Maybe prison got to Steven. Maybe things happened in there that made him change.i mean I would be pretty angry if I got sodimized for something I didn’t do. I think just like OJ case, officers planted stuff but he is guilty.

  • Edward E Matus

    I have no idea how this series ends but the holes in the murder investigation is so big you could drive a semi trunk and trailer through them. The amount of accelerant or fuel and time it would take to burn a body and the fact that the hardest part, the crowns, were not found. Then the testimony that her throat was slit and her naked body was on the bed, a mattress with no blood and never taken in for DNA analysis, unbelievable! The timing was just incredible, that Steven under so much scrutiny would commit, even speeding, would be highly unlikely. Keeping in mind that he had no priors related to attacks on women with an MO remotely like the murder. But the state of Wisconsin had a ton of motive to frame Steven. So were there any crematoriums in operation shortly before they found the remains. Are all of their logs in order? Why weren’t the keys, found in plain sight, found the first time they searched the premises? I’m thinking I don’t want to ever visit Wisconsin on vacation because who know what the police might do to you there. The procedures described don’t match up to anything that I’m aware of as lawful police procedures. They resemble what I would expect to see in the deep south in the 1950s. I sure hope Wisconsin is radically changing their standards on police conduct during investigation and training the whole states police departments on how to conduct an investigation and ensuring all of the counties have adequately trained CSI personnel. Because if Manitowoc is any example CSI is a totally foreign concept in that state. I know some law enforcement people and I volunteered for Citizens Adversity Support Team and did ride alongs with police as part of training. Its embarrassing to seen how several counties acted in this documentary.

  • Ann Bartels

    I find the fact the the wrongful conviction case of $36Million being flat out denied by all insurance coverage for paying out to Steven Avery ,not covered under their policies due to misconduct. In theory this places the town in a financial bind should Avery win. What this says is that the City and County would likely suffer budget cuts. Now whom do you suppose would feel the bite of that? Maybe people employed by them? This would offer motive for conspiracy. Also in the first episode there was a video by the deceased talking about if she dies. WHO DOES THAT.?? Next why weren’t the phone records for at least one month prior to death compared against messages . It should have been easy to figure out whose calls were deleted. Next there were Constitutional Rights Violations. When the police announced unproven details of a horrific crime on the news the search for a jury should have been required to find people who weren’t aware of this blatant attempt to paint a convenient picture. Why has no advocate group for mentally disabled persons civil rights stepped up. The moment the police told the 16 yr old his mother gave permission, when she did not nor was council present, the case against the kid and all testimony should be tossed. . I would love to see this case tried ANYWHERE by any other court , even mock trial, because I’m positive the outcome would turn around

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